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Pulling my L320 from mothballs


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I bought these off that guy's eBay store:



Are they stock 320? The contour of the chrome mounts fit the contour of where they attach on my 320 above the windshield but the existing hole pattern above my windshield is different .

YES, Stock 320 sun visors, Pictures show a plain plastic visor that mounts differently on the early 320 trucks.

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I snagged a really nice pair of sunvisors on Ebay about three years ago and plugged them into 'Mighty Mouse'. Here's a pic of the right one. Note the two extra holes with a screw in them. My guess is that this is where a previous visor was mounted. MM is cowl-tagged and titled 1964 but has 1963 build characteristics.



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Pulled off the e-brake cables. The passenger side is stuck, so the brake was never releasing and that is why the passenger side brakes work like shit. It was probably stiff before and then really stuck when the truck sat



Both cables



Stuck cable(passenger side



Truck bit me, but it didn’t break skin so it was just a love bite




I am thinking that I may just cut off the ends and replace the cable cover, then get some new cable stops and crimp them on like these ones are done.


For now, off to work

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