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turn signals dont work, but the emergency flasher works

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so i replaced the flashers and fuses, and only my emergency flasher works, any one have a suggestion? i also replaced the bulbs.

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The turn signal flasher goes through the 4 way flasher switch. It is disconnected during 4 way use so the turn flasher does not interfere and is re-connected when the 4 way switch is turned off.


Turn the signal on and move the 4 way switch on an off multiple times to clean the contacts. Then try moving the switch just slightly towards the ON position and see if the turn begins flashing.


If your red oil pressure and ignition lights up when the key is on then the fuse is ok.

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My indicator switch is intermittent, have to slam it R sometimes to work.

Those contacts gets worn and dirty as well.

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Get a test lamp and look for 12v on the turn signal flasher. Check both sides.

If no power then it is stopped by the 4 way switch. Maybe the 4 way harness plug in the steering column?

If 12v present on only one side... the flasher is bad

If 12v present on both then there is something wrong towards the turn signal switch. Maybe the turn signal harness plug in the steering column?



Last thing would be taking the steering wheel off and inspecting the switch. Seems unlikely both and not one side would stop working. Look for something loose or broken and hose down with electrical contact cleaner and try.

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