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Datsun 620 Rheostat Alternatives

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So my dimmer in my '75 620 has been fried due to a ground issue, and I am looking for alternatives. I can't seem to find another. Will another dimmer from another Datsun with a 2-pin dimmer work? If anyone replying to this thread has a spare that would be willing to let go of, that would be great as well.



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I find that once I set the dimmer on a new car I never readjust it.

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All (I think) are three wire.  The same dimmer is used on the '70s cars also. Earlier are rheostats, around mid '70s they changed to a much slimmer solid state that doesn't heat up.

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Yeah, if only $15 get it.


Ahh I see that the 620 used a 2 wire until '78 when it went to a 3 wire solid state. Don't know if the two can be used for the same thing, but I expect so with some wiring. The two wire just add resistance (which will have to dissipate some lost heat) the solid state is more compact and transistorized.

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3 wires. One is ground. One goes to power. One goes to all lamps on the ground side.The other side of all lamps go to power.

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