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"Swamp thing" JBC enduro car!

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You three kick ass! Thank you for sharing your adventure with us!

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On 7/2/2020 at 9:54 PM, carterb said:

I grew up in Shelton and when I was a kid, C.R.A.P. had the best window display ever!  A tiny little tube frame hot rod with a toilet mounted behind a small block V8.  "Powered by C.R.A.P." was their slogan. 




Maple valley used to have Cedar River Auto Parts

Can't believe how well you guys turned that back around AND snagged 2nd! Congrats!

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Thanks for the supportive comments guys! It sure was a challenge for us to keep this beauty going!

I'll mostly be packing my updates and comments into video format for our youtube series going forward. That's time consuming enough so I probably wont get to putting many details here. However I certainly keep up with the thread and enjoy the feedback from you guys.

Enjoy! I'll hopefully keep them coming.

PS. All our raw race footage will also be stored on the JBC channel.


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All our raw footage:

I tried to put any fun time stamps in the descriptions. If you see something interesting I missed, let me know so I can add 🙂



Mostly Me Stint 1 day 1.



Jeff and Carter doing the short sprint race in between the endurance days



Mostly Jeff Stint 1 day 2



All Jeff Stint 4 day 2


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Will have to put these on in the garage

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You guys already know how this saga ends, but enjoy the next episode!

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With our next race not scheduled 'till the end of September - and since we finished Shelton with a running car, things have slowed down a little with the Swamp Thing.


We did get together a couple weeks ago to look over the car and revise our to do list.




but before we got started - I wanted to get some pictures of my 510 whale tail on the race car in order to help make some "for sale" ads for it.


The lighting was not kind but here are some pics anyway...












Well this turned out to be a real mistake because Jeff and Sam think it is "Radical" and "Awesome" and "Excellent" and all the other good 80's T-shirt expressions and now want to run it on our car at the next race!  Sam's not even worried that he might not be able to see over it.


Speaking of, he took on the unenviable task of replacing the starter (the old one worked but sounded like a tin can full of rocks)






while Jeff removed the driver's seat (calm down ladies)



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That session was followed by some internet purchases - new front brake pads and a center rear brake light.


I got the same Power Stop pads we bought last time - plus a racier set - to see if they hold up to the heat a little better - Jeff was complaining about brake fade toward the end of his stint.






What good is a brake light if it doesn't have "Excellent brightness"?!


Also, I traded a local 510 guy a nice set of bumper over-riders for a RWD SR20DE distributor assy




Oh - forgot these in the last post:


Swamp Thing ready for the next step.




Looking at our fueling situation - we have concluded that the fill spout is holding us back.  The fill tube is vented - but the vent is just this little hole - plus, our fueling jugs fit in the housing just right and even block that off!!!




We are going remove the inner tube and bore out the cut and door at the base of the filler neck.




That way, we'll just be dumping fuel into the giant hose - with plenty of room for air to escape.  We might also have more of a warning when we are approaching full.

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Iffn I had a dime I would want that tail for no good reason other than its badass

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