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"Swamp thing" JBC enduro car!


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Here are a few photo's I took, Carter takes much better photo's thats for sure!  



The boys trying to figure out the heating issue!













air damn, check! 






Such a cool place for a track! 











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Some video eavesdropping from other teams.


1:05:10 Sam coming up in the rear view through the banked corners. Cool to see how much gap is closed through that section.



52:06 Jeff closing in at the end of the straight then taking his favorite curbed corner



13:00:00 Time says 12:33PM so I believe this is just a few laps after Carter got in the car Sunday. Clean overtake at the end of the straight and then battling with a Rabbit off into the horizon.




16:50 Carter end of day Saturday based off the sun.


0:00 Saturday stint one, right behind Carter leaving the pit



Sunday Finish




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  • 4 months later...

There is a youtube mini series that is currently airing that cover lucky dog. The footage is all from our first race. You know the one where we had no idea what we were doing and driving a time bomb L motor.  Not much footage of us due to our brief drive time.


7:47 : You can really see the flapping hood issue we originally had!



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  • 1 month later...

It has been a looooooooonnnnnnnnngggggg off season.

The longer we didn't touch the car, the more difficult it seemed to find enthusiasm and a date to come back together to get started.


Finally, with the promise of a Garlic Jim's pepperoni pizza, we met after work one evening and made our list...




Goodness, didn't we just race this thing?!

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Fast forward to the end of February, and we are back in the garage - for the first time since the last race at ORP.  Poor 510 probably thought it was being put out to pasture.  Oh no...  We have plans for you my friend!




One of the items on the list was to replace the chain tensioner.  After replacing the head on my L motor 620, I was happy to hear that this is a relatively easy task on an SR20.  At least it seemed easy.  The replacement tensioner did not want to seat very well.  It seemed like the flange was not machine perpendicular to the bore.  More on that later...




While I was working on the front end pulling the radiator and dealing with the chain tensioner, Sam pulled the racing seat and belts (which have to be replaced already) and Jeff was working at the rear of the car, getting ready to fit new production JBC rear disk brake brackets.




Cat's eye view




Report is that our brakes all still look pretty good!  Amazing since the E36 next to us at ORP wore through their pads and had to fit new pistons between races!




Just do it right Jeff!




Anti-cooling radiator




Actually, it's probably fine with a puller fan but we are not taking chances.  Maybe we'll hold on to this one as a spare?


Even with the new jugs, fueling is still kind of slow.  Since we are venting out the filler, the stock vent was capped off.  I'm determined to fix that and run a 5/8 hose up and then through the floor in parallel with the existing little 3/8 vent line.




Got some stuff done!





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I think I've convinced the guys that we can paint the car (at least in white) before the next race since we are plowing through the list pretty quickly.  In preparation, we need a few better parts to start with.  Right front fender and cowl vent to start.  I just happened to have what we needed out in the garage.






Radiator came in last week too!






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We scheduled another "Finish Line Friday" work session last night.  One the way in I was going to get some fuel vent line and Jeff's favorite purple racing brake fluid from Baxter's.  When I pulled into the lot something looked a little off...




The store is CLOSED.  I guess customers weren't very happy, they stripped the delivery car right there in the parking lot.  Yikes!  RIP Baxter's.

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Last night was a big night.  Jeff got confirmation last week that we could remove the top door bar from our cage.  This would be very helpful in the process of converting to actual doors for this season.


First bar cut out.  (I was practicing on the passenger's side)




Sam removed the front fender while I ground down the old tubing stubs




Sam and Jeff marked the new door for modification while I worked on the other side.






Probably the wrong thread for this picture...




Like it was made to go there!




Sam working on the door while Jeff plays on his phone.  You think teenage girls are bad!  : )




Sam takes sidecar posture and modifies the door fitment from inside the car!  I wonder if this is why they used to have ride-along mechanics back in the teens and twenties'








Jeff finally put his phone down and finished the new fuel vent plumbing




So dirty back there!  We need a deep cleaning before we paint this thing!


Jeff latches the door shut.  Sam can't believe what he's seeing!




What a difference already!




Do we REALLY want to paint it?




Driver's side door fitted as well.  A little more roll-cage clearance on this side.




Thanks for the doors Jeff!




Anyone need a towel rack for their bathroom?




Great work boys, but your services will no longer be required.




On the ground and ready to roll




Teaser pic - test fitting flares




Watch this space...



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I love this thread but I'm honestly a little sad to see that car looking a little less ragged. 

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We still like the look - but the cut out rear fenders and cut down drivers door was getting to us.  Didn't look very 510.  It will again soon.  We can't get over the change simply adding real doors back on the car made visually!

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Last night we did a lot of little things - not much picture worthy...


Sam installed the new longer window net (had to reach farther since we removed the top door bar) and modified the door more to suit.




We bled the brakes and a few other little things on our list




Including changing out the aftermarket chain tensioner to a Nissan unit - which installed perfectly and sealed up just fine.




Jeff set about rebuilding the right rear inner fender well and straightening the 1/4 panel in preparation for mounting the flares




I modified the side mirror mounts and Sam installed the new radiator.  By the end of the night we were able to drive out of the garage!  I think we are almost ready to race.


Will this be the last time we see these???










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  • 3 weeks later...

Lucky Dog Racing announced last night that the Shelton race has been cancelled.  : (




That was going to be our first race of the season.

We will now cross our fingers for Pacific Raceways at the end of May.

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  • 3 weeks later...

We were supposed to be making final preparations for our first race of the season in Shelton next weekend.  The new Road & Track magazine shows up last week and guess what track they stop at in one of their feature stories?!




We'll be back!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Been enjoying your adventures along the way to your first victory, this corona business is really sucking and a shame that it is ruining our racing so far this year.


Hoping that you might be able to keep up with your journalistic skills and do some inside stories on  the front sway bar, brake set-up, flare install, and your rack and pinion steering.


Had the pleasure of joining a team to do a Champcar race at Daytona, your thread has me fired up to find another team or else try and start my own team.



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  • 2 weeks later...


I just replied to your PM...


Jeff can share details on the front sway bar and brakes.  He and Sam came up with the rack and pinion conversion through their side business - James Boswell Coachwerks  https://www.jbcoachwerks.com/  They offer the rear disk brake brackets now too!


Be sure to post your story next time you go racing!



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We heard a rumor yesterday that motorsports in WA are back on.  We are still awaiting official word from LuckyDog but if it's true, we've got some work to do!  I figured we should spend an evening sanding the car and then come back Saturday to mask and paint.  The boys figured we could do it all in one night.  Okay then, here we go!


Jeff brought out the big gun!








He gave Sam a little wire wheel and expected him to keep up!






The race is on!






While they were busy making noise, I was hand sanding the hood, trunk, doors, and RF fender.  My arms felt like they were going to fall off!  Fortunately we got a little burrito break before returning to the garage for a little bondo session.












And after MORE sanding - it was time to mask what little bit of the car we weren't painting.




Don't forget the accoutrements!




Spray time!




After about a coat and a half...




One color!


As good as it's going to get for a while anyway...






Let's see how many colors it is after the race in 2 weeks.  : )



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The race this this coming weekend is at Pacific Raceways (used to be SIR)

We had meeting Tuesday over Zoom for all the drivers, staff, volunteers, etc explaining all the COVID19 rules we have to abide by in order to pull this off.  First and foremost - it cannot be (by actuality or appearance) a spectator event.   So no one will be allowed on site that isn't supposed to be there and even those of us who are there racing will not be allowed to sit in the grandstands and watch while not in the car.

We're just happy (and excited) to have an opportunity to get behind the wheel.


The next race was supposed PIR next month but Oregon has not started opening up to motorsports yet so the race is being moved to The Ridge in Shelton, WA.  We are NOT disappointed about that! 

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