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"Swamp thing" JBC enduro car!


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13 hours ago, thisismatt said:

Would brake ducting help at all with pad life?

Our pad life is actually great already. We had all of our racing hours so about 3 weekends on that set. 
Some of the larger BMW's and such have to change their pads each day! We just pushed them too far.

It will be interesting to see how these porterfields wear in comparison to the rando pads we had.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Last week we got together to do a few more things on the car.




Jeff heard a 610 gas tank holds 2 more gallons than a 510 tank and is a "bolt in".  Any truth to that?  We didn't have the tank yet but we started doing some prep work anyway.


I was disappointed to to find yet another product apparently not up for the task.  The brand new fuel filler neck we installed a year and a half ago is already cracking around the fuel tank inlet.




Then we changed tranny fluid and made an attempt to change the oil as well.  Sam opted for an oil "flush" instead of an oil "change" so that one is still on our list to complete.  "you put the drain plug back in right?"


Next we were excited to try out our new "quick dump" racing fuel cans.  They were advertised as 18 second cans meaning 18 seconds to empty.  We decided to time this using some water and were disappointed to find the time closer to 60 seconds.




Still quite a bit faster than our old jugs and much more comfortable to hold, but the false advertising is still kind of annoying.  The only way you'd be able to get 18 seconds is by removing the filler hose assembly supplied and enlarging the exit hole - or getting slower watch.  Maybe they meant 18 seconds per gallon?


We were waiting on parts to complete the rest of the items on the list so we got distracted and decided to mount Jeff's fancy new "supersonic" grill.  While he wasn't looking, we gave it a quick look on Sam's wagon.




After stripping Jeff's car and attempting to install, we found that - like all good 510 parts - this one needed a little modification.




Job done.






Hopefully that still counts as working on the racecar.





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13 hours ago, thisismatt said:

Maybe it's 18 seconds without that water balloon filling nozzle?


We removed the nozzle and the gain was slight.  The hole in the jug that the clear hose attaches to is the same diameter as the hole in the nozzle.


3 hours ago, ]2eDeYe said:

That's lame about that filler neck. Whose products should we avoid? 


Jeff will have to report who this particular product is made by.  He sourced it.


I have though many times about starting a thread with a collection of garbage people would be better off avoiding.


Example, I bought some "Baby Turbo" style mirrors once for my first 510.  In less than a year the rubber "arms" disintegrated in the sunlight and literally fell off the mirror.

I bought a Hurst shift boot once.  Again, in less than a year the rubber had cracked and crumbled - either from heat, oil, fumes, or sunlight.  Garbage!  Why would Hurst put their name on something like that?

Is durable rubber really that much more expensive than crappy rubber?  Would people not buy a $25 shift boot if it cost $27? 


I was using a chip-clip at home the other day and it snapped.  The handles were not designed to take the stress of compressing the spring between them.  Really?!


But hey, this is a winners thread, not a whiners thread...  Let's get back to it.


*sneak peek*


We have fender flares on the way (supposedly) from overseas.  We have some big make-over plans this off-season.  Stay tuned!

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Last week we did some more final prep work for the next race in 2 weeks at Oregon Raceway Park.


First we replaced the broken lights.  (The windshield wasn't the only thing that BMW meteor shower took out)










Sam loves this brand!


Then we finished up relocating the brake bias adjuster and bled the brakes.




Then it was finally time to put the wheels and tires back on. 




We were going to start with the old half used set until we noticed that one of them had a NASTY flat spot. 




Jeff and I were very perplexed on how you could have a single tire lock up like that.  Sam suggested "one tire was in the dirt".  Hmm, I wonder how he knew that?


Next we looked at the 610 sedan tank Jeff got.  It supposedly has 2 more gallon capacity than a 510 tank and is a "bolt in"!  We test fitted it in one of Jeff's '68 sedans since it was sitting there with no tank currently installed.






Not sure about "bolt in".  I suppose as much as a "bolt in" as any other 510 mod that's sold as such.  The filler is quite high.  The filler neck would basically be horizontal.  Something would need to change and we decided that right now isn't the time to do it so we'll race ORP with the stock 510 tank.




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Ordering something from another country is always kind of a "hand over the Visa, close your eyes, and cross your fingers" kind of affair.


Dave Lum (VG30DETT 510 "Red") mentioned on the bluebirds mailing list that he found some metal flares for his 510 made in Thailand.   They looked very mild and I thought they would be perfect for the Swamp Thing makeover we have planned this winter so I bit and ordered a set from the seller.  (Well, my wife did anyway - I don't have a facebook account)




Here is the picture he uses to advertise with:




And he sent these showing production underway






It was a nervous wait at first but on-line tracking allowed me to follow the packages 'till they arrived in the US mid August.




And then, after waiting a week and seeing no updates, I used some additional on-line tracking (EMS) tools to find they were indeed on their way and in-fact in Seattle before the Labor Day weekend.


Actually, they were at my house on Saturday but I was not.




But our mailman is AWESOME and after my wife talked to him he made a special trip back to our house on Tuesday and delivered the boxes.




I brought them to work today so Jeff and I could check them out.


This guy knows how to pack parts!!!!!  foam lined box - double walled where needed - and bubble wrapped parts.  He could have sent a dozen eggs in the box and they still would have made it okay (or turned into chickens in the process)




Check 'em out!




He said they are made of 1/32" steel (I think?) and I was envisioning some very flexible parts but these are nice and stiff!  All the edges are rolled or folded and the workmanship is awesome!




We had to see what they would look like of course so we held them up to "Hey!" for a quick fit check.






The flares will add about 1/2" of fender clearance over rolled and pulled fenders lips.


And the air dam is pretty sweet as well.  Seems way less fragile than the fiberglass spook we are running.




Stay tuned!  This is going to be exciting!!!!

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We met at Jeff's Friday morning to make final preparations and pack up for the trip.  Jeff ordered new tires from Costco and although we were relieved they arrived in time, we were not excited about how long they took to mount them.  Even so, I think Jeff was pretty happy with how they looked.




We had hoped to be on the road by 11am but due to the delay, we were not able to leave until about 12:30 - we were going to have a long trip ahead!




We started down I-5 and about the time we got to Fife, I looked at directions to the track and my phone said heading back to Hwy 18 and over to I-90 would save an hour over taking I-5 to Oregon and heading east on I-84.


So off to I-90 we went...




First fuel stop was in Cle Elum - so far so good.




The farther we got into our trip, the more we realized that this may not have been the best route after all.  Jeff's little Z24 was trying its best but the hills and the trailer and all weight of all the gear made for super slow going on the hills.  The temp gauge became the speedometer.  We joked that it was actually an inclinometer.


Meanwhile - somewhere on I-82 or Hwy 97




Dropping down to cross the Columbia at Biggs Junction for our second fuel stop.  This would be a big one because we needed to fuel the car and 55 gallon drum for Saturday's racing.




We arrived at the track around 8:15 pm.  I set up the tent in the dark while Jeff and Sam took the car through tech.  Fortunately, they kept it open for us so we wouldn't have to do it last minute Saturday morning - thanks Lucky Dog tech crew!


Goodnight moon...




P.S.  We've never seen as many windmills as we saw along Hwy 97 between Toppenish, WA and Moro, OR.  Wow!


I hoped that this wasn't a sign of things to come...  I hate wind!


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Rise and shine boys!




They call this place Grass Valley but by "grass" they mean "straw" and it was so stiff that it perforated the bottom of our tent when you would walk on it.  Between that and the concrete-like-dirt, nearby gas powered portable generators, and lack of air matresses - there was not much sleep Friday night.  But who has time for that?!  We've got racing to do!!


This is new!




ORP is the first track we have raced at where you can see more than just the main straight.  That will be cool!






We checked over the 510, attended the morning driver's meeting, and rolled the car it into the pits ready for qualifying.




Note the "sticker" tires!




280Z neighbor




We sent Jeff out first.






Everybody is anxious to get moving!






Go get 'em Jeff!





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One cool thing about this event was that we were told we would be running the track in both directions!  On Saturday we'd race "backwards" or clock-wise around the circuit and on Sunday we'd be running counter clock-wise.


Here is a track map:




Let me assure you though, the 2d map does NOTHING to communicate how much elevation change there is around the track.  So many hills, many of them hiding corner apexes!  I recommend watching some in-car video to give you a sense of how hilly it is.


After Jeff and Sam got a feel for the track in qualifying, it was my turn to start the race.  With only a single pace-lap to get an idea of which way the track goes, the green flag comes out and all chaos breaks loose! 


It took a few laps to get a feel for things and then I was able to settle down into a race pace.  We had 9 hours today and determined we'd aim for 1:30-1:45 stints.  After some exciting racing, I came in to fuel up and hand the car over to Jeff.  Speaking of fueling, we were surprised to find we were burning about 4.5 gallons an hour - this compared with close to 7 gallons an hour on previous races.  I did have almost 20 minutes of full course yellow in the middle of my stint but still...  This data would come back later to confuse us a bit.


Here is Jeff (I think) on track:






Unfortunately, he returned to the pits 30-40 minutes later with overheating problems.  Claimed the temp was creeping up and bumped 235 before calling it quits and coming in - this picture basically defines our next 4-5 hours:





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At first, partially due to our misguided reading of our better than possible fuel economy, we thought we were having a lean condition that was creating too much heat.  After ~30 minutes of wrenching and head scratching and pretending like we know how to read spark plugs, we changed the fuel filter (it was a little dirty)




then put everything back together and sent Sam out only for him to return 30 minutes later with the same problem.  We would continue this for a while.  Work on the car, send out a driver, overheat, repeat. 


Here we are looking at Sam's "Meth Lab" fuel system - trying to see if something was clogged.




Followed by some more on-track testing




(I wish I would have brought my DLSR so I could zoom!!!)












The car runs so awesome when it's running!














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Finally, we started focusing less on the "lean" condition and more on the state of our cooling system.


We convinced ourselves that perhaps the thermostat wasn't opening all the way so we drained the system and removed it.




Then we sent Sam back out - only for him to return a short time later - not with a cooling issue - but with a terrible noise coming from the rear end - turned out he dropped a tire off the exit of T15 and hit the leading edge of the concrete apron - bending a wheel in the process.




Glad we had that new set of spare tires/wheels to swap on.  It was actually nice to work on something not cooling related for once today.


Back out onto the track...












And back into the pits with more overheating trouble:




The cooling just doesn't want to stay in there!!!




Eventually we determined that the fins of the radiator behind the electric fan appeared to be folded over a little, and between the bent fins and the area that the fan motor itself blocks, we had only about 50-70% of the available air making it through the radiator.  The best idea at that point was to delete the electric fan and see what happens.  I think Sam has some pictures of that.


There was about an hour left at this point so I was able to go back out for the last stint and enjoy trouble free running to the finish line!  Yay!  So happy we appeared to get on top of this one so we would be able to race again on Sunday.  Thanks Jeff and Sam for not giving up!  Tomorrow would be a new day.




P.S.  The purple 280Z won the C class on Saturday.  Nice job guys!  They also went out of their way to assist us during all of our troubleshooting during the day.  Class act!





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After another sleepless night in the dirt, Sunday morning presented a fresh opportunity.




Look ma', no fan!






Sam would lead off today - in the reverse direction of the day before.  I think these videos show the pace lap and the first lap - to give you an idea of all the cars on track.


















So cool to be able to watch the racing in more places than just the main straight!








Here is our Z car buddies









By the end of Sam's first stint, our Z-car friends informed us that we were currently leading C class.  Really?!


Jeff was in next and held that position throughout.  Seriously?!  No pressure then...


Unfortunately, when Jeff came in, he informed me that the left front tire was pretty used up.  I gave it a quick look and saw no tread on the outer third of the tire.  Oh well - here goes nothing...



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Having never raced this track in this direction before - it took me a few laps to get going.  Then, once I found a rhythm, I seemed to be really hampered by lack of grip on that left front corner, especially though the long down hill off-camber T4 which just seemed to take FOREVER to get through - the car pushing and sliding to the outside the whole time.  Add to that the fact that my race pace is a little slower than Sam and Jeff anyway, and I was pretty sure I dropped two or three spots in the order during my stint.  Ugh!  This is a whole new ballgame for us - and one I don't think I was prepared for.  I had about 10 minutes left in my stint but I get stuck behind an RX7 that I just could not find my way 'round.  Knowing I was losing 2-3 seconds a lap and what that was doing to our chances of our first competitive finish, I brought the car in early to hand it back to Sam.  We did a quick single can (5 gallon) fuel stop and then Jeff and I changed the left front tire while Sam climbed into the car.  While I was out, they had stratagized the swap and prepared all the tools necessary to make it as quick as possible.  I felt like a NASCAR crew member there for a second cranking on that jack while Jeff attacked the lugs with his DeWalt.  It was kind of fun and we sent Sam back out on the track in record time - with a new(er) tire he could lean on for the closing hour.


Here is what was left of the tire after my stint...  You can't say I wasn't trying!




Jeff and I started picking up the pits and taking things to the truck in preparation for making a quick exit after the race.  The wind was blowing hard and rain was coming!


We checked on Sam now and then and he was glued to the bumper of the #457 Vektor Racing BMW - one of the cars we knew we were racing.  We soon noticed one of the other cars that had been on the lead lap with us (#414 Group Therapy Lexus LS400) was stationary in the pit lane.  We decided to save the pit work for later and watch the end of the race from the side of the track. 


Lap after lap Sam was hounding that BMW but just couldn't seem to find a way passed.  Jeff and I were wondering if he finished this way, if we might get 3rd place.  This was kind of new and exciting for sure!


Soon we noticed that one of the other cars we were racing, #68 3D racing VW GTI was no longer on the track.  Could it be?!  Were we watching the race for 1st place?




GO buddy!!!!!!!!


After 15 or 20 more minutes of the leader, we were running out of time here. 




Sam tries to take him on the outside of T14 and stirs up a huge dust cloud! 








He kept it on track though and continued his pursuit


Then, with two laps left, Sam makes a pass on the outside of T12 and holds his position going up the hill to the final corner.






The checkered flag came out and we did it!  Or did we?!  The flag came out but it was after Sam crossed the line.  He had to do another lap!!!




And he did it!!!






The winning car!




The winning team!




The spoils




C class winners on Sunday!!!!


The Z car got 3rd by the way.  Not a bad weekend for Datsuns!



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Someone's taking our trailer!!!!




Oops, a little miscommunication there...  Thanks Eric!  : )


Time for a long drive home. 


This time we chose the the (hopefully) flatter I-84 to I-5 route.  The map said it's an hour longer but the map doesn't know we can only go 35mph up the hills.  Nice running along the Columbia for a while...




Due to the shorter 6 hour race on Sunday and the awesome fuel economy we were getting at ORP,  we had enough gas in the drum to refuel the D21 twice on the way home.  This time at a rest stop in Federal Way.




Almost home...


What a weekend!


Hopefully Jeff and Sam will share some more thoughts and pictures before we begin the off-season work ahead.



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