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"Swamp thing" JBC enduro car!


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If you guys have a look at your Everett traffic we will fix our Nisqually traffic.


  Only way around it would be go Hwy 3 , thru Gorst then over Narrows bridge. It's a two lane road but it's NOT a narrow road with tons of sharp corners. Most corners are wide smooth,, with wide shoulders    It takes a little bit longer if no  I5 traffic,,, but at least you keep moving the whole time.... 


 On Summer Sunday afternoons it's most likely faster. 




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On 5/9/2019 at 11:26 AM, carterb said:

Anyone have a broken SR20 rwd 5spd tranny we can steel a 5th/reverse selector fork out of?  Or a complete tranny for that matter?  We are currently weighing our options...   


I'm bring back Jeff's spare tranny tomorrow. It ain't the best but should have some good parts.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Running low on time and getting kind of desperate.


Traded a really nice left front 510 fender for an SR20 5spd of questionable quality.




In anticipation of us getting past this hurdle.  I found a 15/16 master cylinder to get us a firmer pedal with those huge calipers we have.






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Without any known good transmissions, we decided to gamble on a VG30 5spd I had in the garage.


Cleaned it up and transferred it to an SR20 bell housing.  (pro-tip - the VG30 end plate is different than the SR20 end plate and puts the clutch fork pivot in a different location.  Go  ahead, ask us when we found this out)








Found that the new tranny was missing an oil seal.




Fortunately,  the 5th autoparts store we called had one in stock.


Tranny back in, time for a test drive.










Unfortunately, the VG30 tranny grinds going into 3rd.  I wish you could figure this out on the bench instead of after it is in the car.  : (


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Jeff had another 71C tranny that we decided to check out in case we wanted to try swapping that one in.  While  rolling it over  on the bench to get the bolts out to break it  in half, we heard a soft clanking sound inside - sounded like chunks of aluminum.






We've seen that before.




We are getting quite  a collection




Next we decided we should take apart the original SR20 5spd to see if we could  get the broken shift fork off to open the possibility of replacing that part with one from one of the other transmissions since everything else on the original transmission worked great.


It is quite a puzzle but we figured it out.






Here's a better look at what was left of the broken shift fork
















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Running out of time now.


We don't really have time to order up a rebuild kit and although we've been told it's "EASY' none of us have done it yet and don't want to rush the process anyway.  I dug into the garage and came up with two more VG30 5spd transmissions.  Certainly one of them must be good right?!




Eeny, meeny, miny, moe...


We pulled the drain plug on the first one and it looked great and the remaining oil was nice and clean. 


Breaking it apart we could find nothing to cause concern.








Interesting how the shift forks are black rather than aluminum colored.


We're getting pretty good at this:






We lowered the front crossmember this time and it made the whole process much faster and easier.




I got to take it for a test drive and am happy to report  smooth shifting in every gear!  WE HAVE A WINNER!!!



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That bit of good news actually left us with some time for an upgrade. The first one since the last race.  Let's install that new master cylinder!




I pulled the wheels off to make bleeding the brakes easier and found a little  problem with two of the studs on the left rear.  Turns out we had a rouge lug nut with the wrong thread - and someone was using air tools.






Fortunately - Jeff found a front strut with some donor studs.  Here is old vs um, new.








Brakes bled, back on the ground,  and time for a test drive.




Jeff's turn




Reports are good. 


Car is ready.


Race is in 5 days!


Stay tuned.

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Yeah but we only broke one of them.  And even that one was likely started by someone else.  Even though we are racing, we are not particularly hard on transmissions.

This is just the reality of racing with a shoestring budget using junkyard parts.



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  • 3 weeks later...

On our way down to the race, these two were so excited they were like their daughters on their iphones.
Textin', instagramin', postin', snapin', swipin;, and who knows what else they do these days. 



We went through tech with no issue and were approved to get out on the track.

We set up our pit and got ready to enjoy the weekend.



We are well aware we are quite underpowered on the straights. Ecspecially at Pacific Raceways which is a very fast track. Aerodynamics was a suspect culprit so Carter was generous enough to provide an air damn to bolt up. Certainly looks the part!



We took the oppurtunity to stall up next to the other Datsun in the running. Little did we know it would be a long weekend for them, replacing their L motor... again. It seems every race we partake with them they are swapping their engine just before or even during race day. Bummer. Pretty car though, and quite quick when it's cylinders actually go bang.



After qualifying, the green flag dropped and we were off. Round and round.



In for our driver change and re-fueling. Something that we are actually getting quite better at. Although it is obvious now that our fuel jugs are slowing us down considerably.




Back out for more laps. Day one seemed to be progressing trouble free. On top of that, there were quite a few cars that were fun to play with. We are right on par with the soued up VW's and race prepped Miatas. Handle and acceleration would keep us up with the plethora of BMW's but they would use their power to walk away on the straights.





Sitting and watching between stints ends up being a very enjoyable part of the day. The recently exited driver gets to sit with the next up and give pointers and take advice. Hows the car holding up? What are you doing on turn ##?  Did you get a chance to play with car##? Did you notice this? etc etc.





Fortunately for us but maybe unfortunately for you all, we ended up with a very touble free and enjoyable weekend. This means little exciting to report but lots of fun was had. 

We really need to get our in car footage set up so we can share some more of what it's like for us. 

The 50 complete the full weekend, kept all gears in their rightful place and every rod inside the block!




We were actually suprised that a few caster/camber tweaks resulted in MUCH better tire wear. As well our upgraded brakes from the beggining of the season were seaming to work great and last quite well. BUT maybe not quite two weekend of racing well. We all noticed a drastic drop off in braking power during our last stints in the car. Jeff being dead last reported having to put all of his might into them. A post race inspection made it clear why!




We'll add Jaybo trademarked carbon steel brake pads to our inventory next to our aluminized gear oil.



Jeff has a sweet helmet with a forced air pump through a filter. It was interesting to see a clean filter versus a filter with one weekend of racing. 




While we didn't break much over the weekend, we certainly left with a good list of wants and needs. We'll be getting back to work and hopefully hitting some more events this summer. 


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  • 1 month later...

We've decided to add another race to our season this year, much to our wives dismay 😂
We have some preparations to do but really nothing major, just maintenance since we actually didn't break anything besides a windsheild last race.


In the meantime, we've gathered all our broken cog holders in one place to take inventory and decide if we can repair any of them.
We want to at least get one spare for the racecar sorted out.



On the list is brake maintenance.

Disassembly shows plenty of brake dust and melted rubber chunks everywhere.



Prototype rear bracket weather the storm just fine.



The pads on the other hand... we'll add pateneted Jaybo carbon steel race pads to our product line next to the aluminized gear oil.




We'll have to get the rotors turned after that mishap.

Ordered up some porterfeild pads to compliment the brake system on rebuild. 

We're hoping a matching set of pads will give us a good starting point to find the brake balance we are chasing.



Finally, the sway bar we have just isn't big enough. So Jeff ordered up a bigger blacker one. 



We got this thing installed in one evening but I missed the photo op. Maybe Jeff has some to share.

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I'm a got a little behind in my work here (said the butcher who accidentally backed into his saw)


Sam has done an amazing job with the updates and has provided and excellent summary of the race at Pacific Raceways and all happenings since.  This is simply a picture dump.  Please excuse any double posts.  I know how much you guys love double posts.


Anyway:  without further ado - pics from Friday before the race - getting there and getting set.


















We shared the paddock Friday night with a bunch of drag racers





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