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84’ 4x4

Heater core

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I have an 84’ NISSAN 720 2.4L that needs a new heater core (leaking onto the passenger floor). Problem is I can’t seem to find one. I did find one on eBay that says it is for a 2.2L. Are they interchangeable? Any help on this topic is appreciated

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Check the plastic valve and the hoses going to it.

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Do as mike said first.... May be something simple... if it is the heatercore and it's unavailable a radiator shop should be able to fix and pressure test....

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Only 2 OEM part #'s

27140-03W10 fits 06/79 to 08/83


27140-03W15 fits 09/83 and on


Just throwing these out there for reference.  You would need to call a Nissan dealer to see if still available (if it comes to that).

Based on the above information, the 2.2 one would not work.  That is only my opinion as there may be a part # change that I am not aware of.

Someone with more 720 knowledge will probably chime in here soon.

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The only other options I found on eBay are horrendously priced full heater boxes but they are listed by 100% positive reviewed sellers.







I would be looking into have a radiator shop repair it if it were me, and with two 85's, I probably will be at some point.



I noticed after the fact that you have 4x4 in your user name, not sure if these options are applicable.

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