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~~~~ bagged 1967 520 ~~~~


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since this is driven daily it needs some sounds,i didnt want to cut the dash cause it has a sears AM unit in it(too cool) so i made a pod to mount a deck in the glove box, it was a little tricky cause the player had to be angled so the back of the unit would not hit the windsheild wiper linkages(very close),

i also left room to the right to mount 2 air gauges:)



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hmmmmm, me likey. 520's and 521's are really growing on me. Do you get much scrubbage up front with that height? You should get a move on and get the front all the way on the ground so we can see how pretty it looks laid out. :D


naw,everything clears pretty well,rides pretty rough,it sits about 3/4"off the stops,if the weather is good this weekend i might start on the front,i have very little free time tho:mad:

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Will you mount the bag inbetween the arms or on top? Usually it's a very tight fit on the 520-521's. I know Conitech bags fit but have to be placed perfectly. This is without having to notch the side of the frame.


im putting them inbetween the arms,they are firestone 2500s and yes,its very tight,i was going to notch the frame in a bit,but its already the thinest part of the entire frame:mellow:

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Yes, that is awesome! Liking the badge and the hint of tuckage.


If firestones are too big, 5" slams shouldn't be too small for such a light front end??? I don't think they're too much smaller though (they're actually 5.5" from what I've read) but it might be the difference you need??? Just an idea.


Good work, keep the pictures coming. And how do you drive it daily now? Gotta rock the Impala instead?

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