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280z abandoned in the desert...build

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Ratsun! Finally back after a long period of transitioning into a new career and location. Been working diligently a 280z found all over a 70 year old small town junkyard. Last six months are condensed in a short build thread to catch up to where she's at. Born on 10/1977.. Reborn 10/2017.. On a budget. Sorry 280zx for cannibalizing; you will live again, eventually.. ly.. ly.. ly..


The day she came home, zx lost its wheels and tires


Did manage to score some vintage slotted mags


Dirty but no rust to be found.. more pics on other postings



First things first, must have moar rising sun


Now I need an engine to fill the hole


Somebody torched the trans tunnel mounts so fabbed a new one from old bumper supports off a 40 plymouth. No welder so had to bolt it in for now, has a plate on each side of the tunnel, most of the old support was there, just the ears removed 


Head gasket repair.. again. Used ishi stone gaskets, and copper coat to help distribute heat. Blew in same spot as prior(between 3&4 cyl)



Added arp head studs for hopefully better sealing.. head was decked but block was not. Torqued to 65 ft/lbs turbo spec


Back together with fresh su's, and a points distributor so I'll still have spark after the EMP's hit and the zombies come. Fuel lines are temporary

Accelerator bellcrank was missing; Found out if you turn the zx one upside down and make a bracket off the original holes, it works. Pull instead of push


ZX radiator fit with just a few new holes drilled and top hose cut about 2 inches shorter to outlet


Alrighty, onto interior. after removing pounds of sand, buying some cheap material off ebay,and lots of vinyl spray paint, I give you this




ZX donated another part. Used plasti dip on that one so I can eventually give it back.. maybe


Couldn't afford new covers so I stitch some material to the lumpy carcass of a seat I had. Not perfect but works for now. Took about 15 hours a seat to hand stitch and sterilize the old ones


First interior I've done, not as hard as I thought, stitched it into the piping of the old upholstery underneath. Cost about 50 in materials for the entire car. 


On to the bodywork



And that's where she is. Getting close to starting for the first time but still have some wiring to do underhood. I'll post in the proper section for those, first build thread so any help/advice is much appreciated. Cheers 


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What do ya'll think about a weathered patina paint? Car is gold underneath, thinking of sanding down the aqua to weather it up a bit. You can see some gold poking through on the tail 


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I decided to go with the proper ratsun look til I can afford some nice paint.. Fauxtina!  :ninja:




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Update... Got a great deal on some Chrysler FJ6 paint so here she is.. Interior pics tomorrow





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That's loud AF! Nice

Thanks man, love that kawasaki green to match the bike..keep people from running into me hopefully haha



First day in the driveway :)



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Still have a lot of work to do on the interior. Got a couple old license plates to make into the toolbox lids; Somehow figure out how to wrap those strut towers, first attempt was a major fail

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