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L20B Rod Fitment Help

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I think only the rod cap bolt area is trimmed to make the big end less oval and more round. They don't remove 0.010" all the way round the rod and cap.

Oh, okay, guess you learn something new every day! Specially here :thumbup:

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Ask them to measure the crank to see if it can just be polished.


Also make sure to get good tri-metal bearings. Aluminum bearings are horrible and have lots of problems. Clevite makes tri-metal bearings and anything stamped with an "NDG" is a factory type bearing.

It has TDC and R2040 stamped on one side and T-2 on the other side.

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Rods bored???



I thought I read that's possible... take material from the parting joint, reassemble rod then hone to size ....

I could be wrong....

If that's the theory wouldn't that effect the install height of the piston?

Should all 4 be done to match?

Maybe it's minimal or not even possible.. I really don't know for certain....


your right... and yes. usually you lose 4-10 thou deck height from this operation which isn't a huge deal for one of these.

if your gonna do one, may as well do them all and INSTALL NEW BOLTS in the process. 


alot of the time when you put in arp bolts you have to automatically do this as the clamping loads are higher and distort the rod compared to stock.

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