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Tie Rod ends for 75 620 4x4

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I am looking to see if anyone has the replacement part #'s for the inner and outer tie rods on a converted 75 620 4x4. There is the lower tie rods that connect the two knuckles and then there is an upper on the right side and that shaft goes to the steering box. Any help would be appreciated.

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have you checked rockauto.com?

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The 'lower' parts are likely Jeep or Dana parts for the solid axle. Top rod end could be the same or maybe Nissan.


The steering could be like the Toyota. From steering box to the left side knuckle. This motion is then transferred to the other knuckle by joining them together with a horizontal steering bar.

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I have gone to a couple of local shops and so far all that I have been able to come up with is that the top 2 are not 75 Nissan or 75 Jeep CJ5. From the shape of them they look like a 80 Nissan 720 pickup but then that is 5 years newer than when they made this a 4x4.

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