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Just bought a 521


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So, I got pulled over by the hot fuzz today in Salem, NH because the guy wanted to see my truck. Cruising up the main drag, not speeding or anything. I even saw him up ahead sitting and watching people. Next thing I know he's behind me with his lights on. Guy tells me to put my front plate back on, but the weird part is I'm in NH with MA plates, so technically they can't do anything about it. Proceeds to ask me all kinds of questions about the truck and then tells me to be on my way.

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18 minutes ago, Stoffregen Motorsports said:

Out of state policing gets weird. With all the differences between state vehicle codes and laws, it can get confusing. For the officer I mean.


No it isn't, enforce your state's laws not some other ones.  I was driving cross country and my girlfriend got pulled over in Nebraska for no front plate and her car that was registered in Utah as well as her license.  Stupid LEO wrote her a ticket for no front plate and she just threw that ticket away.   


Nobody should be pulled over or ticketed for something as trivial as that.     

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I recently threw front plates on both the 510 and the 620, just cause I dont want to deal with the potential hassle.... Especially since mine are reg'ed out of state... 

I dont mind so much on the 620, but it really looks out of place and I hate it on the 510. But its loud and obnoxious enough, no reason to give them another reason to pull me over. One of these days Ill get it to an exhaust shop to quiet it down a little bit.

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My 521 is registered as historic so it doesn't require a front plate so I am good there.  But my other cars I refuse to run them and have gotten ticketed like 3 or 4 times for it.  Its such a pointless law which in the end a pure money grab from the state of MD.  $70 fine for not front plate and if you go to court they will reduce it to $25 then charge you $25 for court costs.    So they will get $$$ one way or the other.  

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You find them on ebay from Singapore? 


Welcome to my world too but at least I could do it with the 720 leafs off the truck.  Not even sure I am ever going to swap my stock ones out for them if I have to do the same shit with them on the truck.  On the pass side can you take a torch to them?  I ended up torching them, drilling holes through the rubber and knocking them out with a punch and 3lb hammer.  Any other method simply they wouldn't budge but drilling holes through the rubber seemed to do the trick.  

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Yes, eBay from Singapore.


I didn’t torch them. I drill holes longitudinally and then spray penetrant down in there. It kinda works. I have a couple huge pry bars, and then once the gap was big enough, the puller finished it.

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I think it's a '49. We've been looking for a couple years now and this one was about ten miles away, on a trailer, and delivery was included in the price. I told him if he didn't buy it, I would.  He paid $9500.


We almost bought a stash of trucks and parts, five trucks and a ton of spares, in Pennsylvania. I was ready to get on a plane to go check it out, but the seller was one of those salty old bastards who wouldn't get out of his own way to make a sale. He wanted $20K and would put everything in containers for us, but I won't deal with assholes.

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