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White 1970 1600SSS Bluebird Coupe  350,000 Yen




510 Bluebird SSS sedan is

there a document

part picking, I need your help by a circle car restore base

your pick up or, you conveyed by the carrier car (additional cost)

because it is a junk article, I need your help by a no claim no return








Has 1969 Cast Grill!


I *need* those headlight doors!

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White 1972 1600SSS Bluebird 4dr  3,300,000 Yen




1972 Bluebird 510 inspection R2_nen June traveling 35900km 5-speed manual

        Description of item
1972 510 Bluebird
5-speed manual
inspection R2_nen until June 14,

Watanabe 13 inches
, Lowdown suspension
- the same color Orupen
Coupe for the tail lamp
, the driver's seat back replacement
, in the trunk, rear fender has been molded in the FRP

mileage in motion, and the like of the storage location might extend slightly.
It is the actual running, but prima facie unknown because there is no one that can prove the past of history.
Described distance of the automobile inspection certificate 2018. 35300km, is 2016 34700km.

HR30 has been 5-speed in the skyline short mission.
There is also a normal 4-speed transmission.
Other, genuine iron wheel, wheel cap, floor carpet, one turn signals, the antenna is attached.

It was that there is a history of repair so are recreated around the rear in the restoration.

Each part photo of has uploaded to the Yahoo box

engine operation (video )

flows turn signal (video)

There is no expenses for current delivery.
Name change, please within one month.

Since it has passed nearly 50 years from new cars, also I think whether there is damage, such as do not know in the photograph.
For trouble prevention, it is before a bid thank you check the current car.
Your name in the question column for the consultation of the schedule, we will contact you privately if it is possible to describe the e-mail address.
■ for a used car, there is a possibility that unexpected problems will occur. Since I will in any case be allowed to consider it as present condition priority, claims without confirmation of the current car can not be received at all.
■ Contact within 48 hours, please tender only payment is possible within one week.
■ The cancellation of the highest bidder convenience will be charged 30,000 yen as a commission-junk fees.
■ the direction of new ID, the bid from a direction with much bad evaluation, there is a case to cancel without notice.
        Shipping Details
It is an exhibition from the Seto City, Aichi Prefecture.

Land transportation arrangements, I hope in the successful bidder's direction.

If it is taken up at a self-propelled, please note that in me about the accident, such as trouble before the name change does not assume the responsibility.
        Payment Method

Yahoo! simple settlement

■ bank transfer

only to the inspection with the vehicle, we will separately keep the 30,000 yen as a name change deposit.
(Accident, will be refunded at the transfer if it is possible to name change within one month without any violation, etc.)










The front and rear SSS emblems look too big for the car.  Are they from a later model SSS bluebird?


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White 1971 1600SSS Bluebird 4dr w/ FJ20  1,000,000 Yen opening bid




Nissan ☆ Datsun p510 modified engine FJ20



It is substitute exhibition. Car of the exhibition, I think that there is such a point that does not lead because it is the first time, but those who are interested will thank you. Currently, the starting of the engine has been confirmed, but there is sticking of the mission. It gained the engine of the FJ20 with a custom certified. Bonus (also I think that there is not enough things) spare FJ20 engine 1 aircraft and the air conditioning of the kit in, but the delivery method we can deliver here the closer, if far give me a procedure by the successful bidder for delivery do not know how To do. Sticking of the mission if desired Leave repair. I think that (additional cost is generated) can be seen in photos, but I think that to say that to you because restore base has been almost full custom there is a bald rust and paint. In addition, the question I ask if you have any questions.

(2020, March 21, 2008 20:00 20 minutes added)

I added a video of the engine start-up. If there is a garage certificate, you can also receive name change vehicle inspection. (Additional cost)

(2020 March 23, 19 hours 55 minutes addition)
has become the underbody be custom def Nonsuri (LSD). I think that this alone there is considerable value. Only made because it is high shopping thank you check the current car. Check the current car thank you from the question column put the address or telephone number can contact you to Tachiaeru together only time here also.










Check out the video for some cool flaming backfires!

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White 1971 1800SSS Bluebird 4dr




Blue Bird 510 1800SSS inspection until 4 January Solex

Since it is a friend of substitute exhibition will If your questions, such as your answer is delayed there Please note
Nissan Bluebird 510 sedan 1800sss 
Solex, Takoashi, muffler, four-wheel vehicle harmonic, LSD, 5F, coupe tail, etc.
F fender FRP, such as a hood made of carbon other questions or image thank you from the question
Next year worth of tax for the inspection Ordinance sum 4 January year-end will look like get separate
I need your help only those who can quickly support us will be to ensure the name change
The cancellation after a successful bid Please think carefully because I do not accept
Status quo is so riding on normal

(Add 45 minutes at 2020 March 25, 17)
Aluminum RS Watanabe 14 inches 7J / B type? 175/60
Takoashi & muffler is probably but Kameari equal-length stainless steel
Roof and it is not intended door under other large but there is a painting float

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Blue 1970 (72?) 1600SSS Bluebird 4dr   3,300,000 Yen




Nissan Bluebird 510 1600 SSS Solex Cab Octopus outside muffler

Vehicle harmonics No rust Handle Datsun compensium Please watch carefully Solex cab Tappet adjusted Good

Vehicle harmonics No rust Handle datsun compensium Please look carefully










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White 1971 1600SSS Bluebird Coupe  2,980,000 Yen




Nissan Bluebird KP510SSS Bore-up Solex Octopus Castor Harmonic 5-speed Semi-less

Out of print old car KP510SSS bore up solex octopus foot! Vehicle harmonic MDI Ignition LSD Birfen outside aluminum 5-speed rear disc F sposemless!

Out of print old car! KP510 Bluebird SSS!

Bore up! Solex, octopus, muffler!

MDI ignition! Harmonic drive! LSD!

Rear disc! F spoiler! Over fender! Low back 5 speed!

Test drive completed! There is a running video!

Care has been taken at Semi-Restore!

Please contact us for custom, OH, finishing, etc. separately!

Nationwide land transportation is available!

Trial calculation based on the delivery plan, such as vehicle inspection, preliminary inspection, new registration, etc.!

Old car purchase strengthening!

For people who are difficult to come to the store, such as from a distance, you can also send photos of the places you care about!

We also look for cars that are not in stock from all over the country! Please feel free to contact us for your budget and commitment!

Only those who understand the old car thank you!

We also accept sheet metal painting!

Interior cleaning finished!

Additional meter can be attached!

Although there are individual differences, it is in a beautiful state compared to the model year!

There is some aging deterioration.

Floor care finished! There are no big holes!

Trunk room is also care!

Under care has been done!

We also accept work below!

After contracting, we will check and report again!

Please feel free to consult about replacement of consumables!

Start one engine! It's good to blow up!

Outside deep rim wheel! Over fender is just right!












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White 1971 1400DX Bluebird 4dr   265,000 Yen at the moment




1971 Datsun 510 Bluebird L14 engine

Large dent and no shortage parts. And the engine is started. No brakes fixed. No mission problem. Interior sheets, such as cut and no tear. Since it is an old vehicle offers a bid on the check the current car. Unfortunately is no documents. NC, I need your help by NR.

Please contact us so we take the consultation Those who need help to arrange land transportation.

(2020 April 8, 6 o'clock 43 minutes addition)
since there is a possibility of expensive transactions are subject to cancellation of the tender of the lesser of the bad projects often and evaluation evaluation, but please understand.










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Silver blue 1971 1400 Bluebird 4dr  980,000 Yen at the moment




Datsun Bluebird 510 sedan socks Hayashi aluminum floor mission

howa is the 47 model year Datsun Bluebird 510 sedan floor mission! It is on behalf of friends, but have responsibility us until the end, we will be dealings, until inspection Ordinance sum August 3 years, traveling 146700 kilometers, socks 44 engine L14. Hayashi aluminum car is a high-Tan! Friend was riding on the important, but it was exhibited for other vehicle purchase, brake, clutch, is the overhaul already! The exterior, we have spoiled the year accordingly! No Please give ride to someone important! Land transportation can be arranged! Apart from recycling costs and the successful bid price, it requires a monthly basis car tax!










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Silver 1972 1400 Bluebird 4dr  1,000,000 Yen at the moment




Bluebird 510 with twin cam engine 5-speed vehicle inspection with 1 and a half years

The base is 1400 liters of the N510 of 1969 model.
It uses an L18 crank and CP forged 89 mm piston, and is 1940 cc.
The car mark of the block was L14, and the inspection car brought in at the inspection site passed without obtaining official approval.
There will be a car inspection until December next year, and you can get back on board.
The cylinder head is KA24 processed, L4 is equipped with a twin cam head, and the cam has a reinforced spring of 256 degrees.
The mission is 71B (shortened propeller shaft) such as Kenmeri, the differential is R180 LSD 4.375
The image of the engine being assembled is included in the other images.
I will run it lightly on the circuit and I will exhibit it because I enjoyed it enough.
The cab is Weber's 45 (Spain) ... Although the setting is not complete yet, it is a level that is not problematic for running.
The car body had some rust and rot, but the purpose was to drive with a twin-cam engine, so it was painted without removing the front and rear glass, so it cannot be said that the quality is high.
The interior is a new Datsun replica, a new dash repro, a broken passenger seat, and an embedded tachometer in the driver's seat.
The brake is equipped with MK63 caliper and harmonic drive.
Other images.
The vehicle is located in Yamatokoriyama City and can be checked at any time.

(Added 23:18 on April 19, 2020)
For more information ,To erecivic_eg8@yahoo.co.jp .
Check out the engine build on this one!

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White 1969 1600SSS Bluebird Coupe $24,000 USD




Username: stocks

Password: plzshowme

Vechcle Details


Nissan Bluebird
(Badge: SSS, Series: )




31,127 km

Price fob (USD)

$ 24,000

Shipping cost (USD)




Reference #.










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Green 1969 1600SSS Bluebird Coupe  $33,500 USD




Username: stocks


Password: plzshowme


Vechcle Details


Nissan Bluebird
(Badge: SSS, Series: )




43,411 km

Price fob (USD)

$ 33,500

Shipping cost (USD)




Reference #.


Car Spec/Desc.

Restored in Japan
CUSCO fully adjustable coil overs
Mikuni side draft carburetor
full exhaust
Watanabe wheels.
Interior is immaculate
Paintwork is in very good condition
Overall very original car
Genuine verified Kms

Package price available for purchasing both our SSS.










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Safari Gold 1970 1600 Bluebird Coupe  2,800,000 Yen




Bluebird Coupe KP 510 ★ full restore vehicle

Rare bluebird 510 coupe
Full restore
First year registration year 1965
Company name Datsun
Model KP 510
Body number P510270064
Car type box type
Body shape box type
5 people
Vehicle weight 930g Total weight 1205g 
Total displacement Displacement 1.59
Type of fuel cost, gasoline
Length, 412 width, 156 height 139
Odometer display 33200km October 2, 2017
Vehicle verification description
Please give us an image of the vehicle and any questions. Please note that details cannot be written.
Please question for details.
For those who want to know the details and vehicle condition directly. Please enter your contact information. We will respond privately.
No mail. I will answer that I can answer.
The vehicle is beautiful. Good for institutions.
Please be sure to check the current car because it is an old vehicle that can be called a restore.
The vehicle is sometimes warm and stored with a roof.
Depending on the evaluation, we may cancel the bid at our discretion.
I was planning to ride it, but decided to let it go for work reasons.
Thank you for your understanding of old cars.
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Yellow 1971 1600GL(?) Bluebird 4dr   2,200,000 Yen




Out of Print ★ Old Car ★ Video Available ★ 510 ★ Blue Bird ★ Actual Driving 80,000 km ★ All Painted ★ Restore ★ Cannon Plated Mirror ★ Normal ★ Preliminary Inspection ★ Specialty Store ★ Deferred Loan ★

★ ☆ Out-of-print old car ★ 510 Bluebird ★ Actual driving 80,000 km ★ Semi-restored ★ Under care already ★ Hayashi wheel ★ Shell plated mirror ★ Normal base ★ No big dash cracking ★ Customizable separately ★ ☆ ★

        Description of item

Thank you for visiting!

Super rare car release! !! The Special Event! !!

510 Blue Bird

Out of Print 510 Blue Bird!
Soaring due to rare car models!

Under care!
Actual driving 80,000 km!
Hayashi Racing!
Shell plating mirror!
Normal base!
Engine room care done!
One engine start!
There is a running video!

Separately, solex, muffler, lowdown, OH, etc. are possible!

Deferred loan is possible! !!

For example,
you can get 2 million loans at half price.

For more information, please email us.

Please contact us!
Nationwide land transportation can also be arranged!

We also have old cars!
We also search for cars that are not in stock from all over the country!

note! Be sure to read until the end! !!

510 Bluebird!
Click here to see the
actual driving video!

We also
look for cars that are not in stock from all over the country!
Please feel free to contact us!

For more
detailed information such as the


and details, please email to catshopauto@yahoo.co.jp !

If the
amount of money agrees with each other such as content conditions,
it will end early.
First come, first served! There may be times when

an error occurs
and you cannot reply to DOCOMO .

★ Because it is an old car, please do not know the running just in case! There is deterioration corresponding to the

No big dash cracks!
Additional meters can be installed!


normal base!
Customs such as lowdowns and barfens are welcome!

As long as the actual item! !! Do not miss it! !! !!

Note! !!

Ask only where you are concerned about the current car.

Since each function has been confirmed, I
will describe it first.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rust-related questions

I think there is some rust,
but I think it is good, though it is a personal subjectivity .

It has

been confirmed that the engine system has risen, idling, white smoke, etc.!


clutch, no mission problem.

Brake system

Confirmed during test drive!
There is no operation problem!

Questions for beginners

Is there a cooler?
Can it be installed?

There is no.
Also, coolers are
not recommended for this specification .

Is it okay if the vehicle inspection remains as it is?

Although it
depends on each prefecture and the method of issuing the vehicle inspection, it
is also possible to hand over with specifications compatible with vehicle inspection.

If you don't understand, email me
Please contact us.

What is a preliminary inspection?

Simply put, it means
to take a vehicle inspection before registration . You can get the number (registration) by submitting the necessary documents to the Land Transport Bureau because
vehicle inspection without the number has passed . To the last, it is the opinion of our confirmation. Please give priority to the current situation. Please note that there may be individual differences in views and improvements may be necessary. Only those who understand American cars and old cars are allowed. Please give priority to the current situation, no claims, no returns, and strictly adhere to them. Self-propelled pick-up is the highest bidder's risk. It is possible to land across the country. For a quotation, go to the question column. We recommend checking the current car if possible! If you can not check the current car, please be sure to check the contents in advance. Please feel free to contact us, as we will respond with sincerity with images, videos, etc. After purchasing on that, please strictly adhere to the no claim. The name change will be done by us separately to prevent trouble . Please contact us in advance, as the amount varies depending on each prefecture . Direct transactions and discount negotiations are very welcome ^^ First come, first served. It ends early depending on the negotiations !

Preliminary inspection is also available separately! Please contact us!

Welcome to preview! !!

Please make a reservation in advance from the question column ^ ^

★ Please be sure to read the notes before bidding ★

Worth a look! Please take this opportunity to consider!

★★ Be sure to read before discount negotiation and bidding! ★★

! !! !! Note! !! !!

There are so many mischievous bids! !!

To prevent mischievous bids, the lowest bid price is

set to a large amount, so

please inquire in the

question column for the lowest bid price .

And an immediate drop,

"no contact"

"I make a mistake you want to cancel,"

"not buying"

such as,

heartless person of, so naughty specific damage there are many,

if you immediate drop, always, to the question column
immediately drop If you have any requests, please contact us.

Even if

you drop it immediately without inquiring, we will refuse it because of the highest bidder convenience.

In addition, please do not bid those who correspond to the following contents.

@ Those who cannot pay. (Please contact us in advance, such as loans)

@ people on behalf of the successful bid.

@ Those who do not understand old cars well.


If you are a nervous person or more, even if you make a successful
bid, please note that we will delete it for the sake of the highest bidder.









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White 1971 Bluebird 4dr   1,200,000 Yen BIN




Bluebird 510 Thorn Number Restore Base Runs normally Hakosuka Kenmeri Japan Old car

It is a restore base. The body is not good.
There is a lot of rust on steps etc. The engine is doing well.
Please check the current car
In addition to the winning bid, you will receive a monthly automobile tax
Disappointingly little information and pictures.

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Silver / Blue 1969 1300DX Bluebird 4dr  1,500,000 Yen opening bid




NISSAN DATSUN Bluebird 510 1300DX 1969 model actual running 1153803? Already erased Current status I'm disappointing but the organization is good!


44-year-old type 2 510! ! !

Libre wheels on silver! ! !

A neat rear view! ! !

It's rusty under the bumper! ! ! !

The degree of interior such as seats is not good.

It's close to the original! ! !


Thank you for visiting.
Includes catalog, maintenance notebook, instruction manual, Kawamata President's letter of appreciation, inspection record book, parts to be removed, and 8 tires.
I haven't put my hands on anything other than running, stopping, and bending . The organization is good and I used it for commuting until the other day , so I am totally disappointed. .
<Main repair points in the past 3 years>
Desubi point-less, late cab retrofit, 燃Po OH, IC Horta of, 4 -speed retrofit, down suspension cut, drum door strut bottom with anti-processing, oil 4 stage adjustable dampers, 86 for Kayaba NEWSR , front bush relationship all exchange, foil Cylinder / brake master OH , front brake hose replacement , clutch master OH, clutch cover / disc / release bearing replacement ( February 2020.2 )
The clock does not work. Major deterioration of interior, removal of undercoat on front of floor panel, rust on body , scratches, dents, peeling of coating film, repair marks, repainting history. Tail lamp frame with wormholes, battery replacement, gasoline tank cleaning, fuel filter replacement, fuel rubber hose replacement and many more
The image is attached to Excel and stored in the free holder below.
There may be parts or oversights that we cannot convey in the images and text .
This transaction is "as is" without guarantee. We can not do maintenance, after-sales follow-up, land transportation arrangements at all. Those who can arrange land transportation, those who can come by loader. Of weekday and Saturday evening 6 : 30 9 : 00 if you can check the current car. Those who can contact you within 3 days after a successful bid ,
Those who can pay after a successful bid with Yahoo simple settlement within 5 days, please. More than I need your help by a no claim no return.
In case of cancellation cancellation fee 5 will be charged the yen so thank you. 冷やかし等はご遠慮願います。

© Buyee. all rights reserved.









Edited by carterb

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Silver 1972 1600SSS bluebird 4dr  1,250,000 Yen to open




Bluebird 510SSS Restore Base Old Car


It will be a restore-based exhibition during restoration. I will list it because I want another car. The degree of the body is not good. I made the engine of the car that passed the inspection in H4 to start the engine, disengage the clutch, and make the brake work. It can only be loaded onto a loaded vehicle. Forwarding and retreating were made normal on the premises. The hose is connected to the hose because the heater cock pipe is broken. There are other water leaks. There are individual differences, but I think the interior is beautiful for the year. I don't think there will be any noticeable cracks in the dash, tears in the seat, or cuts, but please use the image to make a good judgment. Right step, back panel, etc. There is a lot of rust. The driving is currently 78800KM, but please do not know. The left fender mirror is placed and the mounting part is broken. If you have any other questions, please ask. If it is an old Nissan car, we may consider trading in it. I would like N / C and N / R. Please check the current car. If the evaluation is also -1, we will cancel the bid, so please confirm with a question. Please contact us within 2 days Only those who can transfer within 5 days please bid.


There are individual differences, but I think that there is little rust under the age model. Please use as a reference.
No more images can be placed, so please send me an image if you can tell me the address.
Thanking you in advance










71 grill and DX fender badges and interesting interior colors leave me scratching my head...

Looks like an honest what you see is what you get car otherwise.

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White 1970 1600SSS Bluebird 4dr    3,080,000 Yen




Update: May 21, 2020


Nissan Bluebird 1600 SSS

 Since it has been restored, it was decided that there was an accident

There is a genuine mirror

The lower part is also beautiful.

There are also side brakes and genuine parts

Solex twin

CD deck & ETC

Hayashi Racing











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Orange 1970 1600SSS Bluebird Coupe   No price given





Nissan Bluebird 1600 SSS with cooler 1 Owner management Rainy weather not run

Restoration calendar and mileage of low-age vehicles are unknown. With cooler / 1 Owner management / Indoor storage / Not run in rain / Test drive possible










Not a fan of the wheels but what a great car otherwise!

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Green 1971 1800SSS bluebird 4dr   No price given





Nissan Bluebird sedan 1800SSS final type lowdown flowing tail

 The final type of flowing tail! Interior / exterior normal beauty car! SU cab L18 is in good shape!

Mirror flat original genuine mirror

Like a coupe, a tail that flows with a sequential relay!

The operation of 8 tigers has not been confirmed. Think of it as a decoration that creates the atmosphere of the time.

Cooler Currently not working.

Sequential relay with a tail in which a white box on the tray flows in the back of the trunk room

A good quality car with a solid history. Various papers remain.

L18 is in good shape! Engine room I will finish it from now on.









Amazing car!!!!

I don't think I have ever seen an 1800 fender badge.


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Silver 1969 1600dx Bluebird 4dr   No price given




Update: 2018/12/05


Nissan Bluebird Dummy Grade Lowdown Black Racing Aluminum Full Paint

Please contact us for equipment installation and customizing! New front and rear glass rubber! No dash bang crack! No sheets run out!









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White 1971 1600SSS Bluebird 4dr  No price given




Update: 2019/09/12


Nissan Bluebird 1.6SSS 5-speed MT Solex Octopus Foot Muffler

Watanabe 13-inch aluminum wheel 1800 replacement approved, 2000cc bore up, harmonic drive, LSD, 5-speed MT









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White 1971 1800SSS Bluebird Coupe    1,600,000 Yen to start




510 Bluebird 1800 Coupe

510 Bluebird 1800SSS Coupe used vehicle
I have not taken a vehicle inspection, but the engine also works and the brake works
The vehicle inspection has expired in 1984 and the mileage is 9840 kilometers on documents and meters.
But it's an old car
Rare parts such as a flowing tail and a center console seat are now attached.
The front grill is 1600, but there are 1800, so I will attach it.
The engine has been overhauled, and the bore has been upgraded from 85mm to 1mm to 86mm.
I also have an internal combustion shop do boring, head polishing, and waterway cleaning.
Since the clearance of the crank metal was 0.025mm, it is assembled as a new standard size product.
All heads are cleaned and the valves are lapped and the cam holder is centered for smooth rotation.
A new cam chain and cam chain guide seal gasket were also assembled.
Master cylinders overhaul
Aluminum radiator new assembly
New IC Alternator
Brake master back new article
Carburetor overhaul
Brake line perforated with new parts
Gasoline tank cleaning
Gasoline tank hose new
I have done all the necessary things to move
The flowing tail also works and the headlight is new
The body has rot due to rust, but I think it is a level that can be restored.
Recently, sheet metal parts are also available from overseas, so if you can weld it, you can repair it immediately.
It is okay to take a car inspection as it is, or it is good to restore the body and then ride
Even if there are fixed cars, I think moving cars are rare, so how about it?
Documents will be temporarily erased and handed over
I would like to decide the delivery method after consulting with the successful bidder after the bid is awarded



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On 5/15/2020 at 12:15 PM, carterb said:

White 1971 Bluebird 4dr   1,200,000 Yen BIN




Bluebird 510 Thorn Number Restore Base Runs normally Hakosuka Kenmeri Japan Old car

It is a restore base. The body is not good.
There is a lot of rust on steps etc. The engine is doing well.
Please check the current car
In addition to the winning bid, you will receive a monthly automobile tax
Disappointingly little information and pictures.


Re-listed at lower price with more pics




Now 990,000 Yen to start


Bluebird 510 Thorn Number Restore Base Runs normally Hakosuka Kenmeri Japan Celica old car

The rust on the step is terrible
There is no problem with the engine
It is a production car that has a vehicle inspection until December of last year.
In addition to the winning bid, you will receive a monthly automobile tax
The thorn number is under Mito jurisdiction

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