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Bluebirds for Sale

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1971 Bluebird 4dr w/ L18 and lots of *um* upgrades (?) - current bid of 100,001 yen - it has re-upped a few times.




Available here for 185,000 yen












They love Coupe tail lights, Skyline wings, and advertising every Bluebird as a SSS!  I've never seen the brown SSS dash before.  They had so many different colors and fabrics over there.


Plus the front bumper shows a yellow cast.  Looks like Nickle plating with out the final Chrome finish coat.  TriChrome series,  Fiest clean and copper plate.  Then Nickle plate.  Last, Chrome plate, then polish!

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I know "Because Racecar" and all, but there are a number of unfortunate things that has happened to that car...


This one looks FUN!


Bit of an unfortunate fuel cell vent running up the outside of the c-pillar.











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