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Red and White (BRE style) 1971 1800SSS bluebird 4dr  2,769,000 Yen

Nice early SSS dash!




BRE is cool enough 4 door 510 appeared! Interior and exterior beauty cars! I am enthusiastic! Auto-look full basketball bar honestly fast! !










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Green 1971 1800SSS coupe w/ '72 bluebird grill   SOLD (?) for 1,703,000 Yen




★ ☆ old car 1971 Bluebird 1800 SSS coupe 510 selling out ☆ ★

Product Description
Showa is an exhibition of 46 years Bluebird 1800 SSS coupe,
is one of the collection which had been owned from several years ago, I send it to the garage is full.
△ first glance is beautiful but rust of the float is seen here and there.
△ a hole in the part of the assistant Sekikata open.
△ There is a crack in the dash panel.
△ Shibie peeling of the head light left is useless plated portion.
● comes with Solex, octopus legs
● maintenance inspection because as sweet is it is all right front brake stops turn run once I think whether it is better from whom you snugly.
● Because it is such a car asks you for a bid after an understanding that say the old car.
★ Please feel free to ask a question you because I think that an oversight or explanation there is also a shortage.

△ is an old car, of course rust, Thank scratches, etc., please refrain from the tender nervous and those seeking the perfect because it is.

◎ car because there in Osaki City, Miyagi Prefecture, you can check the current car.
◎ documents will be in a temporary deletion.
◎ total payment amount will be the successful bid fee + recycling fee ¥ 5500-.










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green 1970 1600SSS Bluebird Coupe   2,780,000 Yen








Video Yes ★ 510 Blue Bird ★ ★ coupe Solex ★ ★ Takoashi muffler ★ F harmonic drive ★ ★ Arumiraji Chinsupo ★ Datz down bucket ★ electric fan ★ out of print ★ old cars

Thank you for seeing it!

Extremely rare vehicle release! ! The Special Event! !

★ 510 Blue Bird Coupe ★

510 Blue Bird
External muffler
Front car harmonic
Rear car height
Aluminum radiator
Electric fans
SSR mesh wheel
Datsun bucket seat
Test-run finished

There is exterior glossy!

Please talk about your favorite finishing etc.!

There are running videos!

New vehicle inspection, registration, preliminary inspection
Please contact us!
Furthest, details such as details,
Please e-mail me!
DoCoMo Mail
Since it becomes an error when replying
Please mail me with other address.
We are also accepting installation of additional meters!
note! Be sure to read until the very end! !

★ 510 Blue Bird Coupe ★
Click here,
You can see actual driving videos!
There are running videos!
Condition like rushing is good!

Engine room finished already!
Each institution has been checked!

★ Because it is an old car please run unknown for just in case!

Interior cleaned!
Datsun seat, beautiful goods!
Separately, additional meter installation is also possible!

There is no big rust and it is shiny!
The grill is in a beautiful state!
Special sale is underway so we will calculate according to your budget! !
Preliminary inspection, new registration, land transport etc please consult!
As much as possible! ! Do not miss it! ! !

Note! !
It will be delivered until 20th of the year.
After that, after the 4th day of the new year
Please note that it will be delivered.

Please question only where you are concerned about the current car.
Since each function has been confirmed
I will describe it earlier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rustic question
I think there are some rust, but it is personal subjectivity
I think that it is good quality.

Engine system
It is good to blow up!
It is already confirmed at test drive!

Mission system
It is confirmed when traveling!
I feel the clutch is less.

Brake system
There was no abnormality in normal driving!

With lowdown, when driving
Ease of riding is not required.

Separately, exchanges, such as places you care about, OH will be accepted.
It is a view of our confirmation to the last.
Other current present condition super. Please.
Since there are individual differences in views, there are cases where improvement is necessary, so please understand.

To the last, only those who can understand American car, old car please.
Present condition priority, no claim, no return, please adhere strictly.

The pick up in self-running is the risk of the highest bidder.

It is possible to land all over the country. Quotation to the question column.

We recommend you check the current car as much as possible!

If you can not check the current car,
Beforehand, please be sure to check the contents.
We will correspond with integrity and sincerity with images, movies, etc.
Please feel free to contact us.
Please follow no claim after purchasing on that.

Name change, for trouble prevention
We will separately proxy you.
Since the amount of money varies depending on each prefecture
Please inquire in advance.

Direct dealings, discount negotiation big welcome ^ ^ It is first come, first serve.

Depending on negotiation,
End early!

Preliminary inspection is also available separately ~! Please contact us!
Preview warm welcome! !
In advance from the question column, please be sure to make a reservation ^ ^

★ Please be sure to read notes before bidding ★
Worth a visit! On this occasion, please consider it!

★★ Discount negotiation, please be sure to read before bidding! ★ ★
! ! ! Note! ! !
There are so many mischievous successful bids! !

To prevent mischief bidding, the lowest bid price is

Since it has been set as an odd amount of money,

Inquiries of the lowest bid price,

I hope in the question column.

Immediately after that,

"No contact"
"I want to cancel because I made a mistake"
"I did not buy it"

Because there is a lot of mischievous damage of heartless one,

In case of immediate drop, surely, in the question column
Please contact us with immediate drop hope.

Even if it is instantly dropped without any inquiries,

Please understand we will refuse with the highest bidder convenience.

Also, please never bid those who fall under the following contents.
@ Who can not pay. (Please consult beforehand such as loan)
@ Surrogate Successful bidder.
@ Those who do not understand the old car well.
@ Nervous one

Even if you make a bid for those who fall under
Please acknowledge that it deletes with the highest bidder convenience.

Item Description Detailed, inquiries about contents,
Image exchange and so on,

To this place,


Thank you for your subject.












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white 1970 1800sss bluebird coupe   3,000,000 yen opening bid, 3,800,000 BIN




Showa 46 Nissan Blue Bird 510 SSS 1800 Coupe Vehicle inspection available


Thank you for seeing it from among a number of auctions.
Showa 46 Nissan Blue Bird 510 SSS 1800 Coupe There is a car inspection.
Because there is nothing to prove the mileage because of the old car, we are unknown.
By meter reading, it is 47,680 km.
It is a good vehicle to not come out again.
Other than the carburetor, it is almost original.
There is one worth of value.
Please bid as much as possible after checking the current car.
We will refuse the current car checking with freshness.
No claim, no cancellation, no return, please.
Please bear the recycling fee and automobile tax.
Also, we will deposit 30,000 yen separately until the name change is completed. I will refund it after completion of name change.
Because of the circumstances of work, there is a thing that can not respond promptly. please note that.
This vehicle will be "used car without security" to the end. If you are uneasy about the institution, please check and service after delivery.
Moreover, since there is no security concerning supplementary maintenance and the state of the institution, please do sufficient current car check by yourself, and in regard to bidding, please make a final judgment at your own risk.
I think that there are parts and oversights etc. which can not be conveyed only by pictures and sentences just by the nature of buying and selling on secondhand cars and the net. Also, since there are differences in values depending on individuals, we also want to avoid troubles as us, so even if there are oversights or entry mistakes etc., we will eventually make the state of the current car the top priority Please acknowledge and agree, please bid carefully.
If you are new please contact us from the question column









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blue 1969 Bluebird 1600 4dr      US $9,795.00 BIN




This is a very well maintained 69 Datsun 510 with the L16 inline 4 cylinder engine, a very clean car in it's rarity! Most of these have lost a battle with rust in the states. This one has been meticulously cared for and garaged in Jakarta, Indonesia. It's a very little known fact to Americans but due it's close proximity to Japan, Indonesians have been hoarding collectible Japanese classics and taking incredible care of them, paying attention to all the fine details. In Asia care and cleanliness goes into these classic cars. Nobody will buy a used car Indonesia, even for a low price, if it's not in mint condition. They are kept very clean! 

I'm originally from Tucson, Arizona but have been living in Bali, Indonesia for five years. I recently married a Balinese woman and have a baby boy to take care of by selling these cars. I put a lot of time and effort into learning the language. Now I'm using my language skills to search out and find the best of the  Japanese classics to ship to USA. 

I will prepare the car safely in a 20ft container, handle all the paperwork, and send it to Los Angeles, all included in the price. Shipping to the east coast is available for an additional $1000.









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black 1972 Bluebird wagon   800,000 Yen




1812-0013 VN510 modified Nissan Datsun There Bluebird wagon restoration base recommended vehicle documents (temporarily deleted)

Including the above image, the number of images that can not be put on you can confirm at the following URL.
Please check all means.

VN510 modified Nissan Datsun There Bluebird wagon restoration base recommended vehicle documents (temporarily deleted) is commissioned exhibition.

<Vehicle information>
Model: VN510 breaks
the prime mover of the type: L14
chassis number: VN51005 ★★★★
total exhaust volume: 1.42L
transmission: column MT (perhaps 3-speed MT)
first-time registration date: 1973 April
one o'clock deleted : March 30, 2006
mileage: 71,972km (car verification described distance: 70,100km / 2004 03 may 05, 2009)
There are documents (temporarily deleted)
modify the contents: a prime mover (dual type carburetor)
model-classification : 02507 - 0022

<for specifications and state>
● not one o'clock deleted after went the development of for traveling.
● Many of scratches and paint aging of the exterior, there is rust, the rear gate there are a number of holes due to rust.
● I understand that there is a defect on the right side of the door hinge.
● front lip spoiler has been missing half.
● headlights and various lenses, cracks in various window There is no.
● window plating mall of the luggage room window (passenger side) will be deficient.
● deterioration due to aging is also the interior, scratches, dirt, there are cracks in the dashboard.
● had air cleaner cover is removed at the time of shooting, but the thing itself is stored in the vehicle.
● can not enter into the vehicle at the time of shooting, we are not take a lot of image for the interior.
 Come, I think that you confirm the check the current car.
● Because there is the temporary cancellation of the document, How will be as restore base vehicle?
● attached to the exhibition of a round car, please understand that I do not do sales of the products as individual components.

<To those who wish to check the current car>
your name and contact information (e-mail address or phone number), on top of the described the desired date and time, I think you can ask questions?
Even if it questions, answers to questions from the side of I will not be published because it does not do. (Not visible from a third party)
to the exhibitor commissioned bidder after having sounded the current vehicle check hope date and time, we will be directly contact the gotten contacts.
It will be necessary to witness the exhibition commissioned bidder to check the current car, please note that there is a possibility that you hope does not pass.
(Because it is the right and left to the convenience of the exhibition commissioned bidder of business)
In addition, you get a little of your time to schedule the adjustment of an exhibition commissioned bidder also, together, please understand.
I view of the above, thank you like you can ask questions with a time margin.

<About delivery>
it will be the status quo delivery.
By borne the land transportation fee to the highest bidder, you can also land transportation arrangements of an exhibition commissioned bidder side.
Land transportation arrangements by the highest bidder, it corresponds also to the direct taking over by the loader and the like.
If attached to your delivery date and time, it will be adjusted in consultation with the successful bidder.
In addition, it will be us W worker, please understand that your connection after a reply and a successful bid to a question you might be delayed until after the next day.

On the above your understanding of the capped, We will wait for the tender of the person who can acknowledge NC, the NR.

If attached to the period of 12 / 29-01 / 06, shop-like, which is located deposit the car will be the year-end and New Year holidays.
Please note that you can not check the current car in this period.










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Okay now this one is AWESOME!!!


Orange 1971 1800 SSS Bluebird Coupe  Currently 460,000 Yen




KH510 Bluebird coupe 1800 SSS

It has sent on behalf of an acquaintance, please understand the end with a responsibility to that there is a delay in the response of the will respond the question
after a successful bid will be the delivery of ◎ vehicle body ◎ car verification ◎ transfer certificate

year S46_nenshiki model KH510 prime mover L18 4-speed MT key there

asks you for a bid as a corrosion hole Akiari restoration based engine immobility rust in the long-term left

the vehicle does not have with a hand other in the position in which the cleaning of the room before exhibition is available One rose move when pressed by a finger

and then give me a pick up in the selling can not be round-car

content does not do also reply of the mail address of the person addressed to other than the complaint and the returned goods discount negotiation, etc. after a successful bid can not respond at all check the current car the was your understanding asks you for a bid.









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orange 1971 1800sss bluebird 4dr  2,000,000 Yen




★ 510 Bluebird 1800 SSS Bisha inspection with ★

45 years type H510 is the SSS exhibition.
Because to some extent was finished with his own, you know the approximate place.
Extent I think that pretty good. Not seen almost is like rust.
Motoiro was silver.
The engine was replaced consumables, piston rings, metal, oil seals
Head around the valve seat polishing in an internal combustion Hataya's, valve grinding, valve ground glass, we got by, for example, the head surface modification polishing.
Compression pressure, and is working. From No. 1, 12.5 13 12.5 13.5 
After the clutch used for Kameari made Kuromori flywheel L6, Kameari made Lou MANY Deployment Furutora kit
Octopus, Solex 40, Kameari made of heat plate 180 def Roebuck 5-speed
Front harmonic drive rear also harmonic drive front S130Z wheel front, 7J / 14 / A type of Watanabe to rear both, Mimi does not have folded.
After, I there's still, because I can not write, where do not know, please ask you a question.
Thing of important vehicle inspection, but was received in bringing to the Land Transport Office. With the air cleaner, it was all right instead of the tire to 185/70/14.

(2019 January 9 11 12 o'clock addition)
there image to yahoo photo. Https://Yahoo.Jp/box/baY79s

(1 September 11 at 19 minutes additional 2019)
Since it has called out to the other, there is a case to cancel the auction. please note that.









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So sad!


green 1971 1600SSS bluebird 4dr   250,000 Yen




P510 Datsun Bull - bar - de SSS L16 immobile junk parts taken round car

P510 Datsun Bull - bar - de SSS L16 taken immobile junk parts
You know no one there documents 1/9 days. I think that collected parts.
We will loading in the loading lift. It is likely to break with the wind in the winch or the like.
You ask who can be judged with a photograph.
Timber roof lifting was the take-off. Kure - we recommend down the take-off,
Immobility all I need your help by junk status quo for many years.
Single round car. I do not will separate parts sales.
If possible take-off, please.
Rust hole corrosion pretty terrible death.

(January 8, 16 hours 53 minutes added in 2019)
is equipped with one o'clock deleted documents.









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That thing still has some nice parts on it though!

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green 1972 1400dx LHD Bluebird (?)    510,000 Yen




Rare cars Datsun (Nissan) Bluebird 510 Okinawa specification left handle


It made 1972 Okinawa specification of the left handle.
Column shift 3-speed. With hanging cooler outside.
There is as rust can see, but other'm great engine braking. Inspection also ride has now left.
Again the old car engine is the strongest. It rides without problems remain for now, but enough to be Omowasa that it would be ride forever if the restore.
There is no leak in the roof at the moment.
Genuine wheel cover, oil, with elements.
Until the inspection in 2019 June.
※ It is sold at present. On the understanding the fact that the old car, you give me a bid.
 Of course, Thank rust, scratches and the like. Please refrain from the tender nervous and those seeking perfection.
 Please feel free to ask a question because I think that an oversight or explanation there is also a shortage.
 In addition, freight costs and procedures will be borne by the bidder, please understand.
◎ car is located in Okinawa Prefecture. You can check the current car.

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Yellow 1971 1600SSS Bluebird Coupe   450,000 Yen




It has sent on behalf of an acquaintance, please understand the end with a responsibility to that there is a delay in the response of the will respond the question
after a successful bid will be the delivery of ◎ vehicle body ◎ car verification ◎ transfer certificate

year S45_nenshiki model KP510 prime mover L16 4-speed MT key there

asks you for a bid as a corrosion hole Akiari restoration based engine immobility rust of a long period of time left

not with the hand the other to a position in which the cleaning of the room before exhibition vehicle is available One rose move when pressed by a finger

and then give me a pick up in the selling can not be round-car

content does not do also reply of the mail address of the person addressed to other than the complaint and the returned goods discount negotiation, etc. after a successful bid can not respond at all check the current car the was your understanding asks you for a bid. 











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green 1969 1600SSS Bluebird Coupe  1,000,000 Yen currently




★ video Yes ★ 510 Bluebird 2-door coupe ★ SSS ★ normal specification ★ ★ cooler Semiresu already ★ falls below finish already ☆ old cars ★ out of print ★ ★ Hakosuka Tsuinkyabu


Thank you for seeing!

Rhea car published! ! The Special Event! !

Rare 510 Bluebird coupe!
SSS! !
With rare cooler! ! !
SU Tsuinkyabu!
Traveling Tested!
Semiresu already!
Engine room, below the finish already!

note! Until the end, always, please read! !

510 Blue Bird! !
Click Here,
you can see the actual running video!

Each institution good!

Test drive already!
There is no problem to travel!

Up blow in the SU Tsuinkyabu is nice!

Semiresu already!
Engine room finish already!
Below finish already!

We finished in the beautiful!

★ Since the old car and traveling unclear ask just in case!

Blow up of SU Tsuinkyabu is nice!
Engine room Finished! !
Also finish below!

is beautiful compared to the year!

Steering will also be outside!
There is place a sheet repair


is beautiful on the whole compared to the year! Small pressurized Osamu there
is 14 inches Watanabe wheel!

Tested you, but there when the old car of the cooler is required improvement.

As long as the actual item! ! Do not miss it! ! !

Price negotiations,
description of item
details, the contents of the inquiries,
exchange of image, etc.,

up to here,


the subject, please be sure.

Note! !

Only place to be worried about the current car, please ask you a question.

Since it is the function confirmed
Leave described above.

Frequently Asked Questions

rust system of questions

, such as less than, but has been re-painted,
but I think that some of the rust there, it is individual subjectivity, but
I think that it is good quality.

Engine system

without problems, is good!

Cab also, pre-cleaning!

Blow up is also good without any problems!

Mission system

by the shift, habit ants.

The clutch is okay.

Brake system

brake relationship in the test run was not a problem!

The most successful, negotiations,

such as details such as more information,


please e-mail to!

The DoCoMo, you may not be able to reply results in an error.

Because it is set to overlook the amount of money,

inquiries of the lowest winning bid,

I ask the question column.

In the hope the price of each other, and early termination.

Last, it is a confirmation of the opinion of us.
Old car is based on improvement points because there are individual differences in the state
will help by other present condition priority.

Last, American car, I ask only for the person who understands the old car.
No claim, no return, please strict observance.

Pick up in the self-propelled is a risk of the successful bidder.

Nationwide Rikuhashi is possible. Your estimates to the question column.

As much as possible we recommend check the current car!

If you can not check the current car,
in advance, we ask you for a check of always content.
Pictures, videos, etc., so with heartfelt sincerity will correspond
please feel free to contact us.
After the purchase of On top of that we ask strictly no claim.

Name change, for trouble prevention
will be a separate agency on our side.
Will vary the amount of money by each prefecture
in advance, please contact us.

Direct transactions, wins the discount negotiation are welcome ^^ early person.

Negotiations as soon as
you finished early!

We heard separately also preliminary inspection ~! Please contact us!

Preliminary inspection welcome! !

In advance from the question column, be sure to reserve a room ask to you I ^ ^

but please bid from is sure to ★ notes read ★

worth a look! On this occasion, by all means, but please inquire!

★★ discount negotiation, please be sure to read before a bid! ★★

! ! ! Note! ! !

Mischief successful bid is very large! !

Because of mischief successful bid prevention, the lowest winning bid

Because it is set to overlook the amount of money,

inquiries of the lowest winning bid,

thank you by e-mail.

And an immediate drop,

"no contact"

"I make a mistake you want to cancel,"

"not buying"

such as,

heartless person of, so naughty specific damage there are many,

if you immediate drop, always, to the question column
immediately drop hope and, please contact us.

Without inquiry, be immediately dropped,

please understand that I refuse by the highest bidder convenience.

In addition, those who correspond to the following content, please do not bid on the absolute.

@ Those who can not pay. (Please contact us in advance, such as loans)

@ people on behalf of the successful bid.

@ If you do not understand well the old car.

@ More nervous one

case of a person corresponding to the above, even if a successful bid
by the highest bidder convenience, please understand that it and delete it.









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Silver or green or safari brown 1969 1600SSS coupe  900,000 Yen




Pretty tough to tell what you are actually getting here but it does have papers...


510 Blue Bird SSS coupe 1600 (with document)

510 is the Blue Bird SSS coupe 1600 (with document).

Many missing parts, quadruple meter

rust, because there are a number rot, we recommend that you check the current car.

If you have any reason can not be confirmed in the distance, you can bid with a photograph of the judgment.

I need your help by a no claim no return.

Foot brake, does not work side brake.

Hand is possible.

Only those who can come to pick up in the loading car, please.







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Silver 1970 1600DX Bluebird 4dr   1,666,667 Yen





With a money-back guarantee: 1970 Bluebird 510 1600DX Solex @ choosing a car .com

■ exhibition store evaluation ■
State of the exterior The state of the interior
If the overall there are scratches or dents, or big problem is the car in the exterior Partially scratches and dirt visible, but there is a hole, a relatively clean car
Comments vehicle state
Interior and exterior in company is a good vehicle. 
Repair history Mileage State of mileage About the state
None 25000Km Mileage unknown Images of scratches, etc. Click here










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Silver 1970 Bluebird 1600DX 4dr w/ SR20DE  2,500,000 Yen,  3,500,000 Yen BIN




Bluebird 510 SR20 equipped with certified vehicle


SR20 (AT) is a 510 of the mounting.
Production to passed since about 15 years, we have maintained a very good condition. Of course, it is 100 percent garage storage.
Production at that time, we use quite the available parts.
If their timing is check the current car OK.

Since I can not write more information, thank you from the question column.

(January 18, 20 hours 03 minutes added 2019)
are published in the nostalgic speed Vol.016. Please have a look.









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