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Bluebirds for Sale

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Green 1971 1800SSS coupe w/ '72 bluebird grill 555,000 Yen




★ ☆ old car 1971 Bluebird 1800 SSS coupe 510 selling out ☆ ★

Product Description
Showa is an exhibition of 46 years Bluebird 1800 SSS coupe,
is one of the collection which had been owned from several years ago, I send it to the garage is full.
△ first glance is beautiful but rust of the float is seen here and there.
△ a hole in the part of the assistant Sekikata open.
△ There is a crack in the dash panel.
△ Shibie peeling of the head light left is useless plated portion.
● comes with Solex, octopus legs
● maintenance inspection because as sweet is it is all right front brake stops turn run once I think whether it is better from whom you snugly.
● Because it is such a car asks you for a bid after an understanding that say the old car.
★ Please feel free to ask a question you because I think that an oversight or explanation there is also a shortage.

△ is an old car, of course rust, Thank scratches, etc., please refrain from the tender nervous and those seeking the perfect because it is.

◎ car because there in Osaki City, Miyagi Prefecture, you can check the current car.
◎ documents will be in a temporary deletion.
◎ total payment amount will be the successful bid fee + recycling fee ¥ 5500-.










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