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520 rear brake woes.

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This sounds about right. Early ones were SAE thread and later were switched to metric.


You can get the correct nut and re-flair the hard line. I had a Dodge Omni and on the brake line from front to back, the rear nut was different thread from the one on the front engine end. Dodge dealer wanted $90 for this line. I just bought a generic brake line that fit the front and used the rear nut that fit the block and re-flaired the line.

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620s were metric 320, 520, 521 were SAE.  Contact hosestop here on this forum he knows what you need and makes great quality hoses.

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I will be going through my parts on Saturday.

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That was quick! They already canceled my order, citing the same reason as the dealer.


Every order I've ever placed with them has been canceled as OOS. Seems as though they just pretend to have inventory, take your money, and then when it turns out they don't have it in their 3 tote bins in the back room, they cancel. Pretty inefficient way to run a business. Maybe they make money on unclaimed refunds or something (??)

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