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Wagon rear inner fender well

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So I've been searching a bunch of posts, and I know I've seen it on the forum before, but there's that step lip on the rear inner fender wells on the wagons. I need to get in there a trim that lip off, but I wanted to see photos of those who've done it in the past. All the photos on the site seem to be either gone or that photobucket error. Does anyone still have those photos on their hard drive that could possibly post or email them to me?


I wanted to see how far forward and how far rearward to trim up to get the tire to tuck a little bit more on the rears. 




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I tried looking it up myself but didnt find anything. I cant vouch for it but if its like the trucks, any lip you find is a merge of two panels spot welded together. I would cut flush in places and weld tacks. Then you cut the rest and proceed to fully weld.

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Just Joel did this on his wagon. and there are others.. but yeah all the pics are gone.

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