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Wuddup Ratsun,


Long time follower and now it's time to wipe the dust off my 71 521 and bring her back to life.

I'm located in San Diego CA and I want to know if anyone is down to help me reinstall my rear shafts so I can get my ride down to the suspension shop to get bagged.

I'm new to posting so as I get better, I will start to post pictures and my progress.

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I need help re-installing them if there is somebody that's in San Diego to help me install them, if not guidance would help.

I have tried a few times to get some pictures up with no success.

I will continue to try until I get something up for the crew to see..

I'm currently on droid and trying to figure out how to post pics.

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OK flat,

But I also seen when my buddy pulled them out that there were a series of gaskets on each side as he was pulling them.

I have never worked on rear axle's so Im new to this bro.

I will give it a shot and let you guys know what the outcome is.

Be patient, pics will come..

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If the axles remained in tact when they were out (backing plates and bearings still in place), then it should just be a simple bolt in. The seal should still be in place, and as far as I know, there's no gasket. Someone correct me if I'm totally off base, I'm going by logic and what I know about Datsun axles. I've never actually had a 521 axle apart.


The hardest part may be identifying right from left to make sure they go in the right place. If these are the same as a 320, or similar, then both sides should be the same...right?

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Yes Hobo,

The shims. Like I said before I have never pulled a rear so all this is new to me also.

The whole plan was to replace the shims with new if I could find these at the auto parts store.

The bearings are still in place I'm pretty sure, just axles and shims were pulled.

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Yep Wayno,

That's the problem. I absolutely don't know nothing about that and I cannot find no info nowhere on how to fix this tooken apart rear-end of my truck.

I'm almost tempted to just by another complete rear, install that on my truck and continue on with the show.

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These axles don't have a load on them when installed, they just have a pre-determined slop/lash/gap/play like valves and engine thrust bearings.

I have had axles that clunked when I pushed and pulled on them and others that seemed to have no lash/play whatsoever, they all seemed fine while driving down the road.

There is a pre-determined amount of lash/play that someone on here knows, they will chime in eventually, it's really not that hard to figure out, if it is 10 thousands, then it is barely any lash/play at all, you could barely feel that, if it is 30 thousands then it will likely make a clunking/knocking noise, as you can see by my statement here I am a backyard type mechanic, but I keep them on the road without a lot of break downs, and when they do have issues, 99.9 percent of the time I can get them home.

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Thanks alot for the input on my current situation Ratsun crew.

I will take these suggestions and try them out.


(D.P.) Just get off my thread bro.

This is my "Show" to the Datsun Crew that's really down to help a fellow member out, Not you with your Juvenile Comments..

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Kdot this site has and will always have our juvenile responses. People here want to help but often poke jabs and such. Don't take anything personal as most of us are goons here. You will get good responses with help as this is the most valuable site I've found to aid in help/troubleshooting problems. Check out anything danielc says. He is very helpful asset here

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Thanks Bro,

I been here for years and know what's up. DanielC,Wayno,Flatkat,Tanker, etc all have knowledge when it comes down to what us as a whole crew love and that's Datzuns.

I'm not even worried about the new kids on here.

Thanks to all the Real OG'z of the group, it's you guys that make Ratsun so strong.

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