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Hello I have the chance to purchase my first datsun project car a 1976 datsun 280z. The good of this car is a recently rebuilt bottom end, a fresh clutch, decent looking alloy wheels, interior isn't terrible, rear brakes were just done, and adjustable fuel pressure regulator installed.


The bad: rusted front fenders, rust in quarter panels, rust in rocker panels and surface rust other areas due to bucks and scratches in the factory original paint


The car has relatively high mileage at 140,000 miles but was offered to me for $1,000. The rust doesn't scare me as I have the tools, and skills to repair all of it.


Also another question is there any preferred brand for replacement sheet metal parts for these vehicles that provide the best fit? I have dealt with the fun of modifying brand new parts to properly fit and I fully believe in paying the extra for a quality Part.

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Got a picture of it?


500-1000 seems about right.. but it does also sound like a ton of rust.. floors are probably gone..as well as the frame rails below. How is the frame below the battery tray?


Not sure on the availability of sheet metal for these cars. I'm sure it exists somewhere.

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