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I've got a vintage 1960s Datsun paint chart from a dealership but its got way more colors that were surely available for the 320 pickup. My 320 stock color was red but its got a million coats of primer on it from the previous owner and I want to do a color change to another stock color. Does anyone have any info on what colors 320s were available in? Or can we start a running list based on the stock colors of members 320 and old catalog/dealership pics?

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The second link is pretty interesting. When I click 1962, the year of my L320, it only generates the five colors below. I've seen either catalog pics or vintage dealer pics of the top four colors but haven't seen a stock 320 in the bottom "Nissan Blue." My guess is because Nissan's in the name, not Datsun, that's the stock engine block blue.



Chip Color Codes Color Description  chip_4982881.jpg 130, 529 Bamboo Tan  chip_4977953.jpg 152, 546 Hakone Green  chip_4978502.jpg 164, 554 Kasumi Green  chip_4747180.jpg 410, 524 Pagoda Red  chip_4977206.jpg 471, 557 Nissan Blue
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Here's a scan of my paint chart. In addition to the colors pictured above from the link I've seen 320s in black, white, grey, light blue, turquoise, blue grey... I've seen an advertisement for a an NL320 in orange. 



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