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15x7 with 0 offset for a 1971 521

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Hello everyone,


I am a new member so sorry if this has been asked before.


I am looking at purchasing a set of 15x7 ansen sprint slotted mags with 0 offset.


Will this fit my truck without sticking out past the fenders front and rear?


Also what size tires would I need to run so that they don't stick out?



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You're on the right track. Always find out what rims and tires will fit your vehicle BEFORE buying. They should fit the car... not the car made to fit the rims. Usually, for safety and proper wear, the tire is as wide as the rim, so buy rims that fit the truck and you should be fine. Running 9" rims and 6 inch wide tires to make them fit the car is called the 'stretched tire' look and says to me that someone didn't do their homework. Will they fit? Someone will know.

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