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Getting close to starting. Dist help please


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The wiring on this on truck has been hacked on over the years.


On the bottom of the dizzy is a single spade plug and coming from the are on the fender where the coils are, I have a small harness with a black plug and a white plug, both of which will take a single spade. Any idea which goes to the dist?

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The only thing in my collection close to your Z24 is a dizzy from an '81 Z20e with eight plug head. If I can find it tomorrow I'll take a look at it.


The '79 "matchbox" dizzys I'm more familiar with have two male spade terminals on top of the black matchbox on the side of the dist. body. These two go to the plus and minus on the coil. I think they are even marked + and - on the matchbox. Some of this style dist. have a male spade below the matchbox that is for a ground wire. But I have a feeling your '88 is enough different that none of this applies to your unit.


Maybe you will get a response from someone who actually knows Z24s.




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You posted your pics as I was typing a reply.  I'm going to go ahead and post what I typed. Your dist looks very much like the ones on eBay but maybe the connectors are different on yours.


Does your dizzy look anything like this one?




It seems to have 4 male spade connections recessed into the lower side of the body. Pics of a similar unit on eBay showed a short wire plugged into this recess with 4 spades on the connector at the other end of the wire.




But what this wire plugs into, I have no idea. As datzenmike said this is a crankshaft position sensor type unit so I don't know if it uses a regular coil or some sort of coil pack.



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I think the CAS tells the computer where the crank is and IT decides when to tell the coil to fire. It's only connection to the coil is that it has a rotor on top to send the spark to the cap and wires.

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