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Important Information About Tapered Inserts

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Well the guy that made the samurai swords on the side must've forged my steering arms because I cant drill them and one machine shop has said they cant do it. Im taking them to another machine shop but I had no idea that this would be the hardest thing about this swap! I even got a cobalt drill bit and it did better but ultimately gave out!


You may already know but just incase it helps some others out i'll explain the best method to drill these out. Basically the larger the bit the slower you want to drill. this is because a larger bit spinning at the same rpm as a smaller bit is actually moving much faster. So to drill through these you need to go slow with A LOT of pressure. you'd be surprised how much more you can cut when you have speed and pressure right.


However, I think there probably is a variance in metal hardness as i've come across the odd bolt that was insanely strong. Hope the next shop is able to do if for ya.

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Slow speed, rigidly held in place, anchorlube...



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Got an old school machinist to help me out. 11/16" exactly! Now to move on to other parts of the project finally!

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