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13" Tires still available?

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I found 13 inch Michelin Defenders for my wagon at Costco a few years back. Of course they no longer carried them when it was time to replace them but I found a new set on eBay. Here's the link to their online store if you're interested...




Good luck :thumbup:

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The Michelin defender-X is extinct with almost no NOS left out there and folks weren't wildly excited about them anyway. 

The BFG Premier was a well regarded tire that is gone with almost no old stock out there.

More bad news for those of us running 13" tires.  I reached out to see what options I had and got the following reply:


Thank you for contacting Toyo Tires USA.  Currenty Toyo only offers our Extensa A/S tire in size P175/70R13.  You can view the Extensa A/S at https://www.toyotires.com/product/extensa-as 
The Eclipse and Spectrum have both been discontinued and the Extensa A/S is starting to phase out but, may still be available at your local retailers.


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My son was checking for wide white wall 13 inch tires.  Coker Tires seems to be a good choice for 13 inch tires [but I will bet the price would blind you].  I remember the "good old days" when Sears would build modern radial ply tires with old finish molds so that externally the tires looked stock down to the treads.

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