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reusing intake manifold gasket?

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I just picked up a '73 620 with a rebuilt l20 in it with less than 10k on it, my buddy who sold it to me let his kid grab the Webber off of it and for some reason, the kid took the intake manifold off and apart. the gasket looks to be in good shape where it counts(around the intake ports and water ports). I was wondering if I could get away with slapping some orange rtv on it and bolting it back together, or if getting a new intake/exaust gasket and cutting out and using just the intake part would be the way to go. also, I'm having a bear of a time finding a gasket for the water jacket side that bolts on to the manifold. If I made one, can it be cheapo gasket material or metal core? thanks!

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It's OK I've seen old gaskets before... :lol:


Cut away the old gasket and clean BOTH surfaces thoroughly! Trim away the exhaust part of the new gasket and apply WITHOUT RTV. This will guarantee the best results.

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I've reused gaskets. If there's chunks missing out of it forget it, but if it's completely intact go for it! Hell, on my car I pulled the head after a few days running and reused the gasket! It came off perfectly clean of course.

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