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11th ANNUAL NOV 19TH 2017 DATSUN NIPPON CARSHOW/SWAPMEET!! -Eagle Rock recreational center parking lot


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Is the show parking just for show quality cars? Can I park my 810 in there even if it's not a show car?

If I park in the show area, am I committed to stay there till the end of the event or can I leave whenever I want?

Do I need to contact Jose and register ahead of time or do I just show up and pay at the gate?

Sorry for all the questions, this is my first Datsun get-together.

No. Yes.


Depends how tight you get packed in.


Show up with cash.


Welcome. Be early

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You can leave whenever you want. If someone is blocking your car. That car will have the owners phone number on the dash and you can call him and ask if he can move his car. If not you can contact Jose at 323-972-3737. It's gotten a lot better. But if you are going to be there just for a bit you can park outside around the park. It would be better.

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I need the rear window hinges and a window crank

you must have a 2 door 

the car I took apart was a 4 door no window hinges 

I might have a window crank in my totes at the swap meet 

I will be the guy with a canopy next to the green roadster called marvin 

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