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1984 Nissan 720 "Envy"


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Have had my 84 Nissan 720 for a while and recently ran into a problem. The exhaust smells very rich, and the motor loses revs when the throttle is pressed a certain amount, about a third of the way. Any point before or after and it revs fine, but at all times it runs very rough. I have checked the fuel flow to carb and the bowl level, both are fine. My next thought was to check vacuum. I did notice that the intake does not seat well and the gasket between it and the carb is deteriorating. What do you guys think?

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Smells rich. Is this after it warms up? As it warms up the choke will be on, which forces a rich condition. The choke should normally shut itself off after 8-10 min. If warmed up, remove the top of the air filter housing and look. The choke plate should be vertical or 'open'. If still closed or part open this is the problem and it can be fixed.



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I found it! Lol After a lot of hair pulling. I plugged the open vacuum lines on the bottom of the breather and replaced the one from the bottom of distributor. Finally it's running like a dream. Now I just need a roll bar and a brush guard. Also, my choke isn't automatic like that. It is a manual choke that I have to pull out and press the gas after pushing in to release. Is that not the norm? It wouldn't surprise me with the way the vacuum system and the body were half passed.

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Sorry for being vague, if you edit the first post then you can change the name of this thread to something awesome like "Mavwinchesters wheeling monster" or something like that.



Oics are how a drunk Rat once misspelled pics and it stuck.


Oics feed the advice machine.



A build thread is where you put oics of all your amazing work and all the cool parts you install and all of the issues and things that break on your rig.



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Thanks Capt,.

Thing is it runs fandamtastic. Most of the knowledge I needed to get her running good was buried in Ratsun vault of information. Some posts go back over 10 years. Datsunmike included the SEARCH in this website and I can't thank him enough for it.







A penquin in a TUX in a Ratty Datsun. You GO Capt.


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