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Hi Friends,


I'm Ranger, I bought my '74 620 in the summer of 2015 and have spent an average of 28 hours a day surfing this website ever since. I had a different account before but had some complications getting signed into it today so I started a new one. I had never done any posting on my old account anyways, perhaps I asked some annoying newbie questions early on, not sure.


Anyways I bought my ol' girl from a guy nicknamed Radio, out of Regina Saskatchewan. He had a few youtube videos out with my truck in it. I added 4 disc brakes and then drove it to Ontario and then out to BC. Unfortunately in Vancouver some blind old truck driver crunched the front driver side corner while I was at a stop light waiting in the left turning lane with nowhere to escape to.


Since then I've got the entire thing torn apart, sandblasted and primed. Frame is finish painted. Now I'm working on fitting and welding in a new driver side inner fender and radiator support. Everything was going great until I started hanging the outer fenders that I got on ebay from Greece. They suck! They are both short by about an inch or more from the doors, and the drivers side one doesn't reach the bottom of the rocker panels where it should bolt to. I could order from showcars-direct.com, does anyone have experience with these guys? I'm scared to spend over $600USD and end up in the same situation. Or else I could chop and extend them, that scares me a little too but I think I might be able to manage it.


So far I've learned a ton about working on these old trucks. This little pickup was my dream truck for a long time, I didn't think I'd ever find one in Canada and I refuse to let it go, I plan on taking care of it for a long time.


I'm just gonna post this now while I learn how to add pictures, I hope this introduction didn't go too far off topic.


Thanks for all the support so far guys!!!

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