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E1 header options?

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Hi all

New to the forum and first post.

Have a '65 410 sedan that I am finally spending some time on fixing up. Car has a rebuilt e1 motor that was slightly bored out and is running a 180B 32/34 carby.

I want to fit some exhaust headers (extractors) but can't seem to find many options.

Car is RHD as I am in Australia so there is room to fit something.


I understand (possibly wrongly) the e1 is based off British motor - BMC? So have been looking for something like that. There a few choices for MGB headers and was wondering if anyone knows if they fit the e1?


If not can't anyone point me in right direction?


Will post some pics once work out how to.





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This header in the link below will fit the E1, but it may have a clearance issue with the fuel pump, I have one but have never had the chance to test fit it.


I also have  an MGBGT exhaust manifold, and also have an MGB header, I have never test fit any of these yet, you will also need an MGB intake manifold or one of  the MG Pierce intakes, as the Datsun E1 intake manifold is connected to the exhaust manifold.

There is a build thread about this subject, I believe the guy is from Australia also, he did have fuel pump clearance issues.

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Thanks guys, appreciate the response.


Do i need to swap the intake manifold only because the stock exhaust manifold supports it? The intake manifold I have has been cleaned up a bit internally and would prefer to keep the linkages etc as they are. I guess if I could get support from elsewhere then it would be ok??



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