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Problem with solex carbs

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So I fired up my 510. First time in 30 years. The rear carb was pouring gas and there seemed to be gas coming from the exhaust too. Next chance I get I'll check the plugs and ignition wires to make sure those pistons are firing. Is there anything else I should check?

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 Anyway of reaching it with  gumout?  I'd really like to avoid taking it apart. Never worked on Solex carbs before. After seeing all the gas that poured through I'm surprised it didn't free itself up.

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Step 1: remove both carbs and clean them up thoroughly, if you don't know how, find someone to help you, they have to be in optimum shape in order to operate properly, it's been sitting for 30 years, there aren't any short cuts here, even if you get it to run, it won't perform to it's potential and possibly ruin your motor if it's too lean.

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Thanks folks. I'll be getting under the hood again as soon as our weather permits. I have to work on it outside. Too many toys in the garage, no room.

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Got the carbs on. Here's the before and after. Only problem is that now the rest of the engine looks like shit. Now its time to put her guts back in and get her cleaned up.

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