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610 goon boso\rat build


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Hey guys thought i'd share with you guys and to log this build/story for myself. Probably should have started this thread earlier in the build but i'll cover my bases. Rebuilding the engine and refreshing the engine bay. And some exterior mods/additions that probably won't be everyone's cup of tea but it's something different. Special thanks to Mike and Hainz for helping me diagnose the bad engine. 


Here is a bad photoshop of my vision for the car.



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Got this car for $300! about a year and a half ago from this really nice older gentleman. Heres how it looked when i got it.


Probably the sketchiest ride driving this thing home. Brakes could just barely hold me stopped on a hill.

I almost made it all the way home before the carb gave out and wouldn't stop idling at 3k, had to turn the car off at stops because the brakes were so bad the

engine revving high would push me into the street!









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Then i drove it like this for about 6 months with a new weber. With cut springs and 3" lowering blocks, rear bottoms out of every bump its great.




Had to also reseal the window. When i would turn on my fan and use my window washer fluid it would seep through the bottom of the window and blow bubbles at me haha



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Was going to get a doner engine to rebuild on the side but this and a junk crank was found in it, lesson learned here haha.




Started rebuilding the engine.




Original u67 head was cracked! bought 2 others heads and they were both milled and wrapped to hell so no luck!




Then i found this rebuilt engine with a closed chamber a87! on craigslist, so that's going in it right now so i dont have 2 projects of rebuilding the engine and the bay at the same time.

with nismo gasket and ARP headstuds



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And that where i'm at as of today.


Had some paint left over, if anyone has any bright ideas to make these look as shitty and faded as the rest of the car let me know haha




Also plasti-dipped the rims and got some questionable lug nuts.



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Got the 5 speed in. Ignor the hole where the gas pedal should be haha.



Made a pair of T.I.T.s (transmission installation tool) A very generous gentleman in AZ who has been helping me gave me this idea.


Grabbed some old head bolts. Cut about 3.5in ground them down and added a slit for a screwdriver.


Put these in the most bottom 2 holes in the block to help slip the trans in place.

Once you have those 2 T.I.Ts in there's no other place for the input shaft to go than in the pilot bushing




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As many times as I have pulled transmissions lately(and still more to go), I will be looking for some head bolts this weekend also.



Brilliant, I say.


EDIT: This will not work for A motor type transmissions...too large.  However, a push rod from a slave cylinder looks as though it will.  The threaded end will go into the block.  Just need to notch for the screwdriver.  Now if I could just find another push rod.

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Return spring bracket. Apparently the only difference between the auto and manual pedal box is a tab for the return spring.

Found this angled piece and bent it to fit, works great! way better than tearing the inside of the car apart for a different pedal box

Got the pedals from my spare 710 goon.



New shifter bushings. Found these at the hardware store, didn't have to pay an arm and leg for em too!


Modified, not pretty but it works.


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Cleaned up the bay.

I put the light wires on the outside of the bay. Let me know it this is a bad idea, not sure how hot the lights get. looks simpler this way.

No no more charcoal canister.

No air pump filter bracket, removed the spot welds and bondoed over.



Relocated the hood latch under the fender and around to the front with this trick bracket.


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Where are you guys connecting your brake booster. I know the original was on the 4th runner with the old smog intake.

But that connection has like 3 other ports on it and it's just too busy looking for me.


Anyone got another suggestion. Like something on the 4th runner with a the single port, sized for the vacuum line?

or something hooked up to the back of the intake.



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