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South sound Billet Proof cruise 6/24/17


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Just as a public service announcement ,,,,,,, Billetproof is NOT a rat rod show,,,,,,, repeat NOT a rat rod show... It is more about builds that would have been built before the advent of billet aluminum everything that is so popular in most  NSRA events.  There is very few "rat rod" art cars that show up ,, more straight axle fake gassers and newer built lead sled type vehicle 65 or older.


The cruise takes place in downtown Centralia Wa after the show gets out and all the cars that couldn't get in show because of monster amount of billet parts on it,, OR to new ,,, or like ours,  the just don't fit in at all ( the turbo-ed Autohero  510 did make it in one year )  


There is tons of littler groups of imports parking around town ( like Hondas and AE86s ) in bank parking lots and such,,, if to drive around a look for them. 

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Donovan ran over my phone last night worked till 2am and till 2pm moving pictures ,, been working 2 hours trying to download contacts through iTunes because didn't have them in icloud. its not going well... JJ will probably drive sky because its to hot with air conditioning . this kindle sucks for posting or messaging ,,,,, or spell check

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So Saturday night after a late night 4Age engine pull,,,  FAT510 decided to take this






And make my phone look like this







So no oics from me





fuckin kids






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Well it protected something cuz it still works,,  it's just not usable for anything,  :rofl: , i got all my pictures unloaded onto a zip drive and my wife got my contacts loaded into itunes and then loaded onto new phone ...  We bought 4 of those iphones at the Wa state surplus store, for like $20. a piece  for this exact reason ,  so still have 2 more backups. :lol:


 It must have dropped straight down when i got out to check mail and Donovans truck is so garbage filled i thought it was this other thing that i kicked out.... When we took off to back yard those 31/10.50s smashed that sucker right into the pavement.


  Lady at the phone store said "you should have just had them stored in icloud" ..............  thanks bitch :sneaky:




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