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Carpet install, what to do with drain plugs?


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Anyone who has installed carpet, what did you do about the drain plugs?  I got a kit that requires it to be glued down, so I would do fat mat then the carpet on top of that.  I assume the plugs wouldn't work on top of the fat mat and carpet so better to just leave them out?  

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Install plugs. Cut holes in fat mat to access plugs. Put carpet over all of that.



Leaving plugs out will let water/bugs/dirt/noise/heat/fumes enter through them.



Unless you plan on flooding the interior of your truck...put them in.

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why cutting for the floor plugs? Chances are they will never need to be removed. IMO i would not fuck up the carpet until needed. Hell I would rather punch out the plugs from underneath

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Got my carpet kit but grossly underestimated how much sound deadener I would need (order 10sq ft).  Had to trim up under the dash on the drivers side and cut slits for the seat brackes, parking brake, choke and hood release.  But other than pretty happy with it so far.  Couple imperfections that I need to get squared away with the seller but not at all bad.  I think it will look great once its done.  Shift surround will sit on top of the carpet so I am sanding and painting that gloss black.  Got all new hardware for it to so no more rusty sheet metal screws.  





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You don't need to have every inch covered for sound deadener to its job.



A little bit works to change the frequency at which a panel will vibrate. As long as each page El has deadener strategically placed you'll be good.




Can't wait to see the finished product.

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Final product.  Overall pretty happy with it, really transforms the look and feel of the inside of the truck.  Couple inconsistencies with the carpet with some sides bound where they shouldn't have been.  But not much trimming and fairly easy to install.  





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