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Steering Wheel Spline Size/Model Interchange

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This is probably going to sound real dumb, but so far, I've not been able to find any information about steering wheel spline sizes for various nissan/datsun cars. My 83 ZXT's wheel is pretty rotten, having been wrapped in some 80s vinyl sport wrap and left to mold. Where I am, for some reason, S130s tend to be pretty scarce. At least in any quality. So I've been trying to find if something from an S30, an S13, or a Z31 or D21 will fit my spline, as I'm not too into fancy aftermarket wheels. Is there a source for spline count and shaft size among Nissan/Datuns, or anyone have them committed to memory?


I don't hold out much hope for interchange; I know Datsun shared parts among cars for years, but I don't hold out a hope of them being like GM and using basically the same steering column over a huge range of models and years.

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I believe all Datsun wheels are Interchange pre Z31. After that the shaft is larger. I'm sure come morning PST someone will chime in.

Accurate enough to start researching with.


Looking up aftermarket steering wheel hubs will tell you which cars a specific hub fits.



If you don't like aftermarket wheels at least look at some of the real Nardi wheels. Pure sex.

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Find a zx wheel or equivalent. Most earlier Datsun steering wheels are ugly, larger diameter, (cover gauge sight lines) hard plastic and thin as a coat hanger making grip difficult and tiresome on long drives. The zx wheel is padded and comfortable with thumb and center horn button. The center horn button is a real blessing when turning in town, where you don't have time to hunt for the thumb buttons.


I have zx steering wheels on both my 710s. Love them.

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