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Several Trucks for sale and i need help.

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I recommend posting an ad in the classifieds. 


Are you selling them individually or as a package deal? Are you Mikes son? 



In case anyone is wondering Micheal Lepker went by Steroid on the forums and is no longer a free man. Looks like some of his collection is now available 

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Wow, he has that 4 door 620 among some other custom stuff.


He had a lot of cool stuff. Hopefully kwaller1 will be back with some more details. 



has anyone googled michael lepker? some fucked up shit



Indeed.   :(



But let's keep this about the Datsuns please. 

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Fair enough hopefully someone can make good use of those trucks, I would love to get my hands in a double cab 620 but given there rarity and expense I doubt it will ever happen

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So i'm guessing my lifetime free admission to the museum i earned by sending him a ton of license plates is now void..  ;)


Serious question OP .... So what is going to happen to that epic magazine collection??






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I'd love a 520KC :thumbup:

Every kid likes that truck, even before it was painted and was several different colors, when they knock on my door they wanted to talk about the ugly unpainted truck rather than the pretty red 521 kingcab right next to it, it was kinda annoying for a while, then I painted it and bought a car cover for it, no one knocks on the door anymore. :lol: 

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