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Speed bleeders for 521?


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Hey dp so that smaller bleeder screw for me measured as a m7x1....

If yours is sae.. it's probably 1/4-28 or

Possible 5/16-28....


And flatcat sorry but something doesn't seem right with what you said...

the 521s are sae on the brake fitting, while the m10 banjo bolt will fit in the tee, something isnt right about the tee.. were the tees replaced with the wheel cylinder?.

If they are new with the wheel cylinders and the bleeders are metric that tells me the metal line port should be m10, not 3/8. While a 3/8 will thread in, it threads in loose but will tighten as it presses down on the flare... .

If you used an old tee then then 3/8 Will fit proper, but then how did you use a metric bleeder?

Maybe you metal lines where changed to metric fittings I don't know....

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My last comment on that here.... the rebestos ones I listed were suppose to be 3/8-24 threads.... that's how they list them. And the are clearly m10x1....

Personal I am warranting mine to see what I get back... if still metric I'll convert my metal lines but others should be aware...

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That's kind of the point I was trying to make.. hoping the warrantee process helps me maybe I'll atleast get a matching metric tee.. had it not been for you talking about the bleeders I would have never realized something was wrong...

I have been shipped the wrong part in the correct box from rock auto before so who knows what's going on.... dealing with that part of things in my thread now...

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Buyer beware.


Parts for these things are getting harder and harder to find every day.


As u did all the brake work on my 521 I was halfway relieved to get metric parts. Less work locating proper stuff next time...As everything is now from a 620 vs. a 521.



Just because the RA website says one thing does not ever mean it's correct in hand.



Do what I do...Turn your car Japanese, one bolt at a time.

There are so many body bolts I have tapped to the closest metric size as I have been doing stuff.

More work? Sure. But I know what everything is and that the threads are all clean.

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