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What will fit my 510 two door?

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I know this topic has been beat to death but cruising different threads has lead me to different conclusions on what will actually fit.  I have a '72 510 2 door sedan and looking to get some 15 x 7 wheels.  I really like the look of the classic Hayashi wheels so was thinking about getting some Rota Shakotans.  Looking for an idea of what offset would be best to choose.  I see I can get some +15 offset wheels but I know additional offsets are available if they would fit better.


I am currently running a completely stock suspension on my car.  I plan to upgrade the suspension later on to a coilover setup (not exactly sure which one yet).  I know it is kind of reverse logic to get wheels before doing the suspension but I need new tires and would rather get a set for some new wheels than just put new tires on the old OEM wheels.


The picture below kind of gives an idea of the look I like.  From the info I gathered that car is running 15x7 Shakotans with a +4 offset.  It says the fenders were rolled which I am hoping to avoid if I can run a different offset.  Also I would like to keep from having too much camber on the rear wheels.



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