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76 b210 honey bee


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I'm starting the restoration on my grandfathers 76 honey bee that has been sitting since 1985. It has 6670 original miles and nothing has ever been touched since the day he bought it. It came with a vinyl top and I have never seen another one like it. Is this something that was offered? I am 50 years old and remember the day he brought it home from the dealer. He did not have it done, the car came that way. The top deteriorated and ripped when the car was shipped from NY to Maine, so I am having that replaced. The engine is not seized and I'm going to change all the fluids and try to get it running. Does anyone reproduce the decals on the lower part of the car? I found a set of NOS bee decals and the trunk decal. I am going to paint the car due to 30+ years of storage and sun damage. The only parts I am looking for are the rubber bumper ends, and a black dash pad. any help with locating these would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello timmers, welcome to the B210 world.

As far, as I know the 'Honey Bee" is the basic model of the B210.

You can find out more info on the following page.



First thing you need to do is get a year specific Service Manual. You can find them fairly cheap on ebay.


As far as the parts you are looking for. You might post a wanted ad on the Classifieds section.


oh! yeah, we need pictures, lots and lots of pictures :thumbup:

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Both of the items your are after have all but disapeared from the earth.


Some items on the "B"s that are sought after and difficult to find, especially if looking for Nissan genuine parts.


Listing on a scale of 1-10 on difficulty to obtain.


Dashboard new oem (They are all black)...9


Bumper ends....8


Chrome body fitting bumpers, that everyone else got but North America...5


Factory Tachometer...4


Factory clock large...5


Factory clock small....8


Door seals (they are body style specific, be careful)...9


5 spd 63A Dogleg transmission...5


Fuel injection, factory for a 1978 A14, Nissan refers to as EGI...10


Factory plush (77,78) deep pile black carpet....9


Factory or Datsun approved stereo speaker set w/wiring....10


Factory cassette player...6


Radio delete...6


Factory or Dstsun approved arm rest...9


Cubby, in place of warning light for belt n egr....8


Single belt pulley, lighter rotating mass...5


PB210 series door panels (these have full length arm rests, carpeted accross the bottom and start at window edge..no paint shows..)and high back bucket seats...8


rear seat passenger side built in can ir bottle holder....100


The Holy Grail? A 73, 74 model year only over head console with mechanical interior and exterior temperature gauges....100


Some of the parts listed above are not USA spec, only sold in Japan.


There are other cool factory parts out there, I will list as I recall.


Good hunting

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angliagt, I thought that was the case with the top. Wish I knew why. I just spoke with my mother and she said my grandfather bought the car a week before he retired cause he wanted an inexpensive car that got good gas mileage and he could pay cash for. She said he picked the only one the dealer had with the vinyl top. He put about a thousand miles on the car and was unable to drive anymore. The balance of the mileage was put on by my mother taking my grandmother to the store and church in his car so it would not just sit in his garage. 

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angliagt, I thought that was the case with the top. Wish I knew why.


Only two reasons they got vinyl tops. 


1. Roof damaged in transit, vinyl top installed at port. 


2. Vinyl top installed by dealer to mark up the price of the car. They often added double the cost of the top to the sticker price. Good way to gouge people who were buying it. 

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1. Dashboard new oem (They are all black)...9


2. Single belt pulley, lighter rotating mass...5


1. You can buy a "coverlay" that glues down over the stock dash for around $100. I used one on my car and no one could tell it wasn't original. 


2. Good investment. No longer available from Nismo? There's a similar single groove pulley that can be cribbed from certain 1200 models also.

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