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620 with a 720 bed??

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My 620 cab fit an '82 720 frame but I has a flat bed. I think the mounting points are the same however it may only work if cab and bed are swapped together. I think the 720 cabs and boxes are different lengths than the 620. A 720 box may be too long or short leaving a gap.

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Probably the biggest concern would be how the rear wheels fit in the wells when it was positioned.  I'd imagine that they didn't change the lengths that much, so it should be close.  What I would probably do is sling it into position and get underneath and determine how far off the mounts are.  Since they are riveted to the frame, I'd probably cut the bracket and lengthen / shorten or otherwise tweak it to fit the bed mounts, tack them in, then sling the bed off to finish weld everything.  Of course, before you go out and buy a bed you'd want to be sure it was doable according to your capabilities and resources.  Maybe that can be determined by finding accurate tech drawings with dimensions for the bed mounts on both models?

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Well for the 620 there are long wheelbase... used with a king cab and a standard length short box AND a standard short cab and a long box, then...


Short wheelbase with standard cab and box. Assume 720s may be similar.


The 720 cabs were longer to fit jump seats in the king cab. I think the reg cabs are also deeper. Thus the boxes must be shifted more to the rear?


Yes rear wheel fit and fit to the back of the cab is the thing.

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There 6 bed designs available in Oz.


Pre 83 short bed

Post 83 short bed

Pre 83 long bed

Post 83 long bed

King cab bed

Dual cab bed


Before 83, the cab itself on the regular cab was 2 or 3 inches shorter. The beds were that much longer on the FRONT of the bed. They extended the cab slightly in 83 and just lopped a couple inches off the bed length.


King cab and 83+ short beds are the same length but their wheel wells are located differently.


Nothing about fitment changed when they went to the smooth side beds from the hook style beds.

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