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Sears & Datsun 320 locks: the same?


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Funny/lucky thing:  Local thrift shop had a big Sears cargo carrier for $65.  Wife and I had been looking for one to put on top of Subaru for long trips, but they're $200 to $300+ new.  We grabbed it quick as we could.  Clearly the key had went missing, and someone cut rivets off lock to get into it, which is why we got the deal.  No big deal, I can figure out how to re-key it or go to locksmith.  Before I disassemble it, I start trying all the keys on my keychain to see if any would at least be the right blank to slide in, and then I'd rearrange tumblers to allow it to rotate with that key.

Guess which key slides right in, and even turns and opens the lock!  Bingo, my Datsun 320 key isn't quite perfect, but opens and closes lock with relative ease, no re-keying necessary.  Great because I have several copies of it.


So, I notice the Sears lock has a 4 digit code right on the face of it.  So does my Sears toolbox, and so does my L320.  I did some googling, and found where you can order Sears keys:  https://www.easykeys.com/Craftsman.aspx

Could Datsun have sourced their ignition keys from Sears in the 60s?  Who wants to order a Sears key with their Datsun code and see if it works? 

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Sears is about to go out of business according to what I've read lately. 


Sad, as they're an old American Iconic business.


Anyone recall hearing any stories bout the sears catalog in the outhouse serving multiple purposes ??


Sears Roebuck sold horseless carriages over a century ago. 


My brother & I delivered newspapers off of , first a Sears Allstate 'Cushman' clone motorscooter and then a Sears Allstate 'Vespa' clone scooter in late 50's - early 60's. The Italian machine was light years ahead in engineering terms.


Sears also sold the Kaiser Frazier 'Henry J' car in the early 50's as an Allstate. 


Lots of American history in the Sears company.


I fear they will finally be 'done in' by internet commerce and the 'March of Time'


Nothing to do with keys, but I just had to chirp in.

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My Datsun key fits all kinds of things.  I can use it on my wife's toolbox at work....the lock box for time cards at work, the glass display cases on the walls at work(mulitple buildings), the toilet paper dispensers at work.......


That's too bad about Sears.  

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