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Steering box leak

Diego Zuniga

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My steering box on my 521 has developed a good leak from the cover where the steering column goes into. I am sure the gasket just needs replacing so my question is to replace the gasket is it a simple job? Are there any surprises going to fall out or jump out when I remove it? Do I have to pull the steering column to do the repair? Just trying to cover my butt seeing how its the steering column I want to be safe and not kill my self or anyone else on the road.

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Or just mark the steering adjuster location.. so you know where to align it to when you are reassembling. No need to remove the steering column or anything unless your are removing the steering box itself.

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I don't know about that...


There's no gasket in there but there are selected shims for bearing pre load. There is an O ring though. You can't get to it without dismantling the box to get the column out.



Try this....

First thoroughly degrease the affected area. What you might try is removing the steering wheel and loosen the column mount to the bottom of the dash. Now carefully loosen (but don't remove the three bolts, this will keep the shims in place) that secure the column 'pipe' to the box. Gently pry the outer column cover back towards the cab enough to show a very small gap, degrease with some spray brake cleaner. Now seal it sparingly with RTV and close up the gap by tightening the mount bolts.


The steering shaft from the steering wheel spline to the worm gear inside the box is one piece. There is an outer sheath or pipe covering it that bolts to the box and the dash. I had one apart once and will never make that mistake again, well, certainly not when it is in a vehicle. It's just an O ring but impossible to easily get at. RTV should be more than enough if you are careful. Top up with GL-4 80w90 gear oil, same as your transmission.

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I can second that mike on taking one apart, comes apart easy but what a pain to get it all back together right.. and still in the truck i can only imagine... he's right on the shim pack and single oring for the steering column tube.


I Took mine apart to paint it during my rebuild.... mine actually developed a crack in the shims which was causing a leak. I was able to index the crack to the top edge of the box.. got lucky ...

I'd try mikes suggestion first....

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