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Front suspension help


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I've read through a lot of the front suspension threads, but it seems I may have gotten off track somewhere.


I've got a shortbed '79 which I'm tearing down at the moment. I thought I had a solid plan for the rebuild which was this:


620 hubs - Original

620 bearings - new

D21 Slotted rotors - Aftermarket 

D21 V6 calipers - junk yard pull

720 Belltech 2" drop spindles - Aftermarket

620 ball joints - new

620 control arms - Original


I've discovered that the 620 hubs wont fit the D21 rotors


So it looks like I'll be scouring the yards for another D21 with good hubs. But will these fit the 720 spindles? If not I suppose I need to look for D21 drop spindles (which should be easy to find) but am I at that point going to have a ball joint fitment issue?



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Like phixius said, your spindles should be fine. 2wd d21 and 2wd 83+ 720 work interchangeably. There aren't drop spindles i know of for any Datsun trucks older than 83.

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Ah, got it. I thought that I had bought the spindles for a D21 but looking through the Belltech paperwork I think it actually says 720. I'll check if I remember tonight.


Some pics of the setup as it stands for clarification:










So, I need to find my way to a Pick&Pull around here and get a pair of hubs and brake backer plates.

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I put a 1980 720 chassis under my 1966 520.  This is basicly the same as your 79 620 chassis, it has the same non-vented rotor small caliper brakes.  I used 1985 720 2WD rotors and the calipers and dust shields with the Belltech 2005 spindles. I used the 1980 720 hubs also.  In the Belltech instructions it said to cut a 1/4" off of both outer tie rods.  I ended up cutting both inner and outer tie rods 3/16" in order to get the correct toe in setting.  I am using all new MOOG front steering and suspension parts for the 1980 720.  if you use the 1985 up center link you might not have to cut as much off the tie rod ends (This is an educated guess as I have a 1985 720 and a 1986 720 and had new center link to compare with the 1980).


Here is a link.


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Do you have the right calipers to mate with the bolt spread on the new drop spindles?  The brake hose will be a little different too if I recall.

I should. Both are D21 and the spacing looks right. As soon as I have the proper hubs I will be mocking the whole thing up to the wheel.


"Belltech 2005 dropped spindle

Datsun 720 2 wheel drive pick-ups

Nissan hardbody 2WD pick-ups"

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Turns out the hubs weren't my problem. I bought the wrong disks. Somehow I ordered 4WD disks which have a bolt circle of 6x124mm instead of 103mm.


looking at the hubs that I pulled off the junkyard I4 D21, they look identical to the ones that came off my '79. Is this possible? Do I still need V6 hubs? I thought the V6 and I4 hubs were the same,that just the calipers and disks were different. I measured the brake disk bolt circle on the hub and it matches the spec (103mm) on the BrakePerformance website.


I went ahead and ordered a new pair of disks. So $100+$127+a monday afternoon down the drain.


Anyone need some black Brakeperformance slotted and drilled 4WD disks?

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The caliper fits fine in the wheel its the spindle that it nearly rubs. I may grind on the spindle a little just to make myself feel better. That caliper shouldn't move more than an eighth of an inch and not in a direction that would impact the spindle, but I don't know how much, if any, those assemblies flex under load.

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