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1974 Datsun 620


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Been following the forums for a while just now remembered my username and password so I thought I'd finally post a thread of my 620

Nothing special just a decent weekend toy

1974 Datsun 620

L18 5 speed

Not sure how to post pictures but I will post pictures when I first got it to how it is now

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Welcome! My first 620 was a '74. My Dad gave it to me for high school. It's long gone...However, the doors that are on my King Cab are from that truck. I've had those doors for 40 years! Again, Welcome! Can't wait to see pics!

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It's been fun the last couple years ! Since then I changed wheel & tires in currently on 205/50/15s with 15x10 cruiser alloys & installed some custom metal fender flares from Thailand. I've also ripped out the stock l18 to get it re done mostly it's been rebuilt before me but it was leaking from just about everywhere !

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Ok so first things first she had absolutely no brakes. all wheel cylinders were leaking brake pads where decent but i replaced it all. As well as replacing the brake hardware, pads & wheel cylinders i replaced the brake booster and master cylinder. i got all my parts from RockAuto.com. 

before :IMG_3587_zpsqwsqxish.jpg





new master and booster 


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next thing i had to do was pick up my 15x10s that were for sale in Chattanooga Tn for $100




i wrapped them in some hankook 205/50 /15s that i got new for around $190 



all on with the mexi poke look for the mean while. i also purchased a set of cheap fender mirrors from Thailand. They look good to me but pretty useless. they can barely adjust i just have then set to be in between the lanes.


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A little careful work and that dent in the front fender will pop right out.  Remove the light before trying.  So will the one on the box, and others.  Masking tape over a hammer and dolly (block of smooth wood) will allow you to so miracles!  Great truck!!!

Thanks! in the two years that ive owned it i havent touched the body yet but hoping to get to it this year 

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thanks everyone i had no emblem or trim rings and i got them and threw them along with a $10 camaro lip from summitracing.com its cheap and for what it was it good. wasn't planning on using it permanently i had it on about 6 month if i remember correctly then it cracked in half after hitting a pretty high speed bump. 


also went from a 2 inch drop to a 4inch drop 






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