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Starter will not work with key switch


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 Cleaned all cables, have power to the starter. power to the small post on the solenoid with key in start position. to get it to start I have to short from the small post to the post where the positive cable hooks up. Bad solenoid on the starter? need advice. worked fine until yesterday, suddenly quit working

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Old Datsuns lose voltage at worn or corroded plastic connectors. Bypassing the 20? feet of wiring and several old connectors with your screw driver shows with normal voltage it will crank normally.

The recognized repair is mounting a relay between the battery and the starter. Using 10 gauge wire directly from the battery to the relay. From the relay to the starter more 10 gauge wire. Use the power from the ignition switch to activate the relay. Wiring diagram is usually printed on the relay. This will give you battery voltage at the 's' terminal.

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Starter works fine when using screwdriver to start, checked ignition switch power at the black yellow wire when in the start position. power all the way to the solenoid pin when in the start position


Power on Black/Yellow but is it 12 volts?


I had intermittent start and the voltage was down to 7 volts... not enough to properly energize the solenoid. You can use tha reduced voltage to power a relay that sends full battery voltage to the solenoid. Trye Hot Start Relay into the search. There several write ups on this.








I'm going to do this on my truck, and leave the 30A fuse out. It's not ready to start, but I want to test the rest of the electrics. biggrin.gif

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I had my wife hold the key on to start position, ran a wire from the battery to where the b/y wire hooks to the solenoid did not hook up but touched the end from the battery to the solenoid , nothing, tried it with the switch in the on position, nothing



This is a rebuilt starter from Rockauto

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If you swap a starter and it does it again in a couple days then its a Key switch issue.

I had a spare FORD Start relay(selinoid) an used this and its been good since.



Using a volt meter with no load still might get you 12volts.

Mine was 11volts going to the switch so I knew it loaded down a little



using a blk light switch or ford relay it doesnt take muck voltage to trip them thats why they are used .

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