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I've searched the forums and there's bits and pieces on weather stripping here and there but I thought I'd start a new thread where we could consolidate information.


Side glass channel run felt: I ordered this stuff and it is nice nice nice. It fits perfect and the windows roll up like butter. The price listed is for one roll that does both doors plus extra:



99-06 Volvo S80 front door weather stripping runs about 1' long for the L320 doors but the material is really nice. It has moldable metal inside the rubber channel so you can fit it tight to the door seams with no glue. You can cut the rubbers to fit and glue the seam with super glue. I pulled two front door rubbers from a local salvage yard for $7 a pop.


Here's one on eBay for $20:



Here's a universal Steele Rubber window gasket that looks like the roached seals currently in my L320. The measurements seem right but mine are beyond scuzzy so I'm not sure if they're correct. I'm also not sure if the previous owner maybe used this Steele universal instead of the correct gaskets so maybe I'm trying to match up the wrong gasket with the wrong gasket. Does anyone know if this profile looks right?




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Today I had a local auto glass place that specializes in old hot rods replace my back window gasket. My back gasket was so bad the window vibrated loudly at the high end of each gear. 


I talked to Kotto and they've got the right gaskets for $130 plus shipping, but my local place used a 1960s Ford back glass gasket that worked great for $95. Part number WBL1052.


If anyone's in the market my guy said he'd be happy to sell them for $95 plus shipping. They're high quality American made rubbers. 

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