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LATEST POSTS of Datsuns/Nissans in web Articles, News, the Media, etc.

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This may have been tried before but apparently with not much expected success. But, here it is:


We would all be interested in knowing the latest "mention" about our favorite cars made public. So, why not alert each others' interests by staying updated, from this point onwards?!


I'll start!!!



Cheatsheet.com has put out the following article named: 10 Reasons Why We Buy Japanese Instead of American Cars!


Just on the second section/page they mention the Datsun 620 truck, and later, along with the Datsun 510 and Nissan Skyline, Fairlady Z. I read the whole thing.


Post, comment, and share your own finds... and enjoy!!!






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Found this one interesting, the history of Datsun in America right from the Datsun1000. Great read. Have the preamble, link below.


Datsun 1000


Based on the Austin A50 Cambridge, the PL210 or 1000 sedan was the first Datsun to arrive on U.S. shores in the late 1950s. While the official company name was Nissan, its passenger-car line was Datsun, and all U.S. imports would be so-badged. This particular example is held as part of the Nissan heritage collection, and is a bit battered from winning a round-Australia endurance rally, Datsun's first such motorsport victory. The race team's leader was Yutaka Katayama, a man who would eventually become a household name among Datsun fans as "Mr. K.".......




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"But just as Toyota was leaving the global sports car market (it would return with the ponycar-fighting Celica for 1971),..... "


I hate people that weren't there writing about what they don't know about. "Ponycar fighting Celeca" ???? Give me a break! First of all, apples and oranges. 'Poneycars' were not known for handling, that is the prerogative of the 'sports car', but the Celica was not fast and in no way a 'ponycar' and to suggest that they chased 'poneycars' around is laughable. Any car that could be called a 'poneycar' would have no trouble with the Celeca as far as acceleration... and that is the prerogative of the ... 'poneycar'.


The Z car, while fast (for a six) was no 'poneycar' fighter either.


"The Datsun 240Z: One of the Greatest Sports Cars Ever Made:"..... now this is true.

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