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71 521 stiff brake pedal


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Turned it clockwise one turn, no change, turned one more time clockwise no change.  Bled all the lines and no air...so I kept turning it one time and until the pedal got firm which it did. Maybe I just turned the rod counter clockwise when I went to cut it and didn't realize it. 


Thanks for all your help Wayno.  

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You can go to far and have the fluid get trapped and not be able to get back into the reservoir, the pedal generally is right on top when that happens, and then the brakes start dragging and get hot, they can even catch fire while your driving, jack it up, hit the brakes a few times then get out and make sure the wheels still freely turn, if they don't turn freely, then you went too far. and you will have to back the push rod out till they are free, then pump the brakes again and make sure they are free to turn again.

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wayno is on top of this, but i'll try putting in my 2cents


the rod adjustment can be finicking, (I had a hell of a time getting mine correct on my 521 when I had stock brakes) on the rod that came with the MC, I had to cut it to get it adjusted where I needed it to.


if the rod is adjusted with the 1/8" free play, that is a done deal. THEN go back to bleeding the system like you are working on, yes, either new bleeder screws or cylinders are needed, bleeding it at the 9/16" junction probably wouldn't be best as you can get air trapped in the system still (as wayno said)


might also check that you don't have a leak in a line somewhere, pinhole in the metal, or a loos threaded connection somewhere, but it sounds like you are past this stage.

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if pedal goes down to far then you need to adjust the brakes at the drums . use your screw driver or brake adjust tool and get where its just tight


your over thinking too much this is a simple rig.  Unfortunately if the manufacture made the part as like Orginal one wouldn't have this proplem with the rod being too long, Just the way is it.  if it stopped pumping up pressure and keeping it then you got it fixed. now just tighten the brakes up. I tighten the brakes just wear I feel a little drag on them

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So looks like the extension link came loose on the passenger rear inside the drum.  


Finally got it back on and since the pedal got stiff again I went ahead and replaced the MC.


1. Bench bled it till no air

2. Cut, installed and adjusted push rod until firm pedal

3. Bled brakes


Pedal feels better but only time will tell and if it happens again I am just going to pay someone to fix it because at this point I am fucking done with these brakes. 

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Bumping this cause I had the shop look at my brakes as well, they said brakes feel good for a little bit then pedal travel gets long and they can bring the pedal back by pulling the parking brake. What would cause that? I replaced the MC , they bled and adjusted them.

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