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Brake Issues....Part II: Keep Getting Air From Front Calipers


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Hey guys, did a 280zx front brake swap on my 510. New pads, new brake hoses, new 280z 7/8" master cylinder...


The rear brakes bled easy.


The front is another story. I will get air bubbles from the passenger front caliper bleeder a couple of times, then it's good. Same with the driver side. But the 1st push of the pedal is soft, but the immediate second pump is firm. Wait a second and the first pump is soft again. If I go back to the passenger front caliper....air again. Same with the driver side. I can literally go side to side and get air, then nothing. Checked all connections at least a dozen times, even put a white towel under the car and not a drop. All connections are dry as a popcorn fart.

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I guess you could remove the caliper with brake line attached, place a chunk of plywood between the pads to simulate the rotor, turn them up so you are sure all the trapped air is to the top where the bleeder is and try again.

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