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'78 280Z 2+2


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Was $4300, has had a repaint in the same color (301 Brown Metallic). Short term plan is to fix things like the locks and linkage to make it useful for a daily driver while I get some work done on the B210, the long term is to make a Grand Tourer style car.

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How is the interior of your car? I know of some nice black door panels for a 2+2

Back seat in OK condition. I can get more details if you're interested.


You want spare glass? Its unique to the 2+2 model.

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are you replacing the clutch slave cylinder as well? If the slave is weak, it can blow out the seals soon with a brand new master cylinder


Yes, waiting on the slave cylinder because Rockauto sent a clutch master cylinder for a Kia (part #MC559) instead of the clutch slave cylinder (part #SC559).

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Well I'm done with it, tired of chasing electrical problems with the headlights. Good Sylvania headlights from the B210, new fusible links, fuses, working headlight and dimmer switches but still have bright/dim or dim/off combination. Got the turn signals working with a new relay but not happy if only relegated to driving during the day.


Still need to replace the clutch master and slave cylinders. Also need to look at parts for the door locks.

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The turn signal just needed a new flasher relay, the original Niles came out and the new one went in with the original bracket.


This is starting to be like the '86 Camaro IROC, dumping money into it just to get it running right.

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My dad replaced the Exedy slave cylinder with one from the parts store while I was at work, aside from adjustments to the pedal  the clutch works.


While pricing out a new exhaust system for the Z we found out its a federal model.


What would be needed to be done to the engine if I wanted to put a header on?

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Ran it through smog testing and it failed, after having it checked out by a mechanic there's a laundry list of problems. I know a engine rebuild was in it's future but was hoping it would get by one smog test, any recommendations on engine building services in the North Bay aside from Rebello Racing in Antioch.


Found bad intake manifold gasket

Found bad EGR gasket


AFM resistance not to manufacture spec's - tampered with


Injector terminals and connectors corroded


Found fuel pressure is 35psi at idle and with regulator vacuum source disconnected 43psi


AFM hose bad and in need of clamp


Compression test 1-5= 150psi, 6=110 Average compression is 180psi


Leakage test 1-3=30%, 4-5=20%, 6=70%


Recommend complete engine restoration

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Well my name isn't on the title and to simply throw around money for another isn't a option.


Your answer might as well be one from the Camaro forums I was on when I was driving mine, never giving anything helpful but just posting to seem relevant.

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Pioneer is usually a good brand. I've been impressed with Kenwood and JVC as well.


As for speakers, get JBL GTO series speakers. They are amazing for the price. They come in 4 inch, 6 inch, and 6x9




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